Do we schizos have any control over the voices?

Im always under the cosh. I constantly feel berated by the voices. I cant escape them. Its always "Do this Do that, then tells me Im not worthy like other people, telling me Im not good enough, that I don’t do enough.

Hi Karl,

Yes - there is a well-researched approach to getting some greater control over your voices. I encourage you to watch these videos on this page:


The best approach to voice management seems to be a combination of medication and CBT overseen by a treatment team. Medication on its own helps, but you’re not getting the full meal deal. Some of the research I’ve seen indicates that both medication and CBT type treatment early on prevent a huge pile of suffering down the road.


Thanks for that link.

Sometimes I can control the voices (and even bring them on at will), but at other times they are insistent and intrude into my mind.

they are there if i talk to them and other times they talk when they want. sometimes busy and all night and day, other times quiet for hours at a time. when i notice they’ve gone quiet, they will talk. if i don’t notice they may stay quiet. i honestly don’t know what triggers them to talk and not talk. xxx

I had CBT and other coping therapies… and I managed to get a new view of my voices… really drive in that they are in my head… not external beings commanding me to do things.

The more therapy and meds I had… the better I’ve been at ignoring them.

My CBT taught me how to sort of identify what they were saying with how I was feeling and what was happening to me. I was noticing a pattern… when I was stressed and scared… that is when they are very negative… When I’m busy and fine… they fade and just become murmurs.


Honestly I have had a few instances where they tried to overwhelm me and I turned the tables on them and overwhelmed them. Even had fun at it at times.
And it is interesting to see just how pathetic the entities behind the voices are, scared, lonely, lost, angry… like little kid bullies with a very high intelligence and cognitive speed.
But you have to be able to twist and turn every step of the way, match them at their own game and go around so that you are the one bringing up new material and thinking quicker than they are.
It can be exhausting but can be done and is well worth it…plus you learn things along the way…