Help psychiatry is going to kill me

I don’t know if I should trust those in psychiatry because they prescribed me benztropine for anxiety and mood swings and the pharmacist said it is not meant for that.

Benztropine can treat akathisia caused by APs which could feel like bad anxiety, restlessness or tension. That was probably what it was prescribed for.

I don’t know maybe they are quacks.

I would go back and ask why the pdoc prescribed it. Sometimes a med can be used for different things like my tegretol can be used for epilepsy and mood disorder.

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I looked it up and called the pharmacist. No know use for anxiety or mood swings. They rather don’t know what the hell they are talking about or they don’t want me to get better

I would call the doctor. Remember that you are not the doctor and they spent a long time and a lot of money to become a psychiatrist, so they at least know something. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they are trying the best they can to help you. Perhaps they are prescribing the drug “off-label” – meaning they are prescribing it for something it’s not officially prescribed for but it still works. This happens all the time in medicine. Call the doctor and ask for clarification.

But what about the pharmacist?

The pharmacist does not know why the doctor chose that drug, only what the drug is usually prescribed for.


Good point I will probably take it then.

Here’s a tip: Never listen to a pharmacist who second-guesses a doctor.
If you’re worried, ask the doctor for an explanation. If you’re still worried, get a second opinion.


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