Anyone from the Uk here who have considered going private

I’ve just going for a fresh perspective tomorrow. Won’t tell them anything.

If you wont tell them anything how are they supposed to help you?

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I mean previous diagnosis.

Why? You should be honest ish, if you want results.

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I can kinda see why you don’t want to influence your new doc with previous diagnoses.

But if you want help you will need to tell them the full story. I have had frank discussions with psychiatrists and they say they appreciate how different doctors take different views on cases. But since they are professionals they should come to their own conclusions.

Either way I hope all goes well with your new doc. J


I kind of do see your point @Ish.

My current pdoc was influenced by my last diagnosis - it does happen.

Your new psychiatrist will probably ask about your current diagnosis, you really shouldnt lie about it.

Just make sure that you tell him or her about how you are feeling - what you go through, try to be as detailed as possible.

Good luck! :smile:

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I might consider going private Is it expensive

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£400 first consultation

I’d really want results for that

Do you think private is any better
I’m not sure

I had to go private because my hospital’s outpatient unit discharged me saying I am stable. I only see a pdoc every six months now to renew my prescription, or if I have an emergency. I’m not from the UK, but even here in South Africa private costs are expensive (R900 for first consultation which makes it about 40 pounds or so, I’m not sure the exact conversion) 400 pounds sounds ludicrous!!!

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He told me about something called rapid cycling mood issues and gave me tegretol?

it says you shouldn’t take it if you have a history of mental illness.

But it’s an anticonvulsant mood stabiliser used for bipolar too

Were you honest with him? Did you tell him about psychosis? It says there you shouldnt take it if you had psychosis and that it can unbalance your moods.

I told him he says he going back to saying I have a psychotic disorder with mood elements in the picture. I told him about the schizoaffective diagnosis later on

I’m still on Abilify.

Well alright, I trust he knows what hes doing. If you feel its not helping you just call him immediately.

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I was on Tegretol for over 20 years, it’s an excellent weight neutral mood stabilizer.

The problem with Tegretol is that it lowers other medications in your system.

It will lower Abilify significantly, so you may need to up the dose with your Doctors help.

Best of luck with it @Ish

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I’m from the UK I went for a mental health assessment where they told me they only help people who are literally going to off themselves nice innit
If you look around online there are places that offer councelling
I managed to find low cost counclling and I get that for 7 pounds bargain!
Considering its ongoing too.
Go private if you love in the UK it may be expensive but what price can you give on your mental health. Shame on the NHS.

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