Help me please

Hi I have never been to a doctor or talked to a psychiatrist I’ve been debating for a long time because I thought I could handle it myself. Some days are good some are terrible. Sometimes it feels like the world is flat and everything is ■■■■. Other days everything is colorful and I love life. But every day I think people are scheming against me, trying to teach me a lesson about the kind of person I am. I’m starting to actually hear voices instead if just my own consciousness. I feel as if there’s an antenna in my brain and everyone has ear pieces they listen with and try to use my thoughts against me. What is this?

That sounds like paranoia …coming to a Sz forum asking for a diagnosis is not a good idea not saying your not welcome or anything…we just have big imaginations and I don’t think many of us are doctors …go to a doc asap…its nothing to play with…getting help early would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering…

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I have had the same problem for 25 years, I was diagnosed as schizophrenic for this type of belief of mine.

welcome to the Sz label, and forum.
Do your best to do your best, and never forget you’re an individual under that title.
Hope you find what you’re looking for. It’s a rough world out there, so treat your fellow folks with a little kindness.

Sounds like mental ill health, please consult with a doctor