Help me please

I am very scared
You see
I feel like I just spawned in my body and I don’t know who any of these people are… my “girlfriend”… my “mom”… I don’t recognize or remember them really… I’m very scared of this feeling… it’s like I’m being spawned into my own body. I wish I could remember the emotional connection with these people. I feel distant, like my soul is floating into outer space

I just want some help. I just want to stop feeling this way. The doctors don’t give me proper treatment … they should’ve inpatiented me … I’m so scared of my brain every single day… and so sad and lonely . Where am I


Love you sweetie <3 I hate how hard it is to get treatment :confused:

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Thank you smokes… I am sat here crying… not really crying. Crying in my head. I cannot cry real tears anymore
It feels like I ought to cry

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Put yourself in hospital if you feel you need to.The sad truth is, no one is going to do it for you, not unless you freak them out bad enough, and that’s not the answer, it’s really not. It’s hard to get help, it’s terrifying feeling that way, but it does get a little better sometimes. It would be nice if the people around us could relate, but their reality is so different, how could they? If talking helps, talk away, i’ll listen. I know this isn’t helpful but i’m still trying to figure out what is :anguished:

Thank you @catch22
today I was cuddling with my girlfriend and I didn’t know who she was it’s like my memory is fading. I know she is my girlfriend, but I don’t know how it got to be this way. I feel like they are just trying to throw me for one

My head is spinning so much I feel terrible and sad and lonely. I don’t know where i AM. What is this room… it is my ““bedroom”” I am here on my bed… but why

I think sometimes being human is too hard for me… perhaps if I was a cat

@doodle, go to the hospital if it gets real bad.
You don’t need to suffer like this.

Contact your doctor or go to the Emergency room if you have to first.


I went to my doctor today and she was talking to me about admittance … maybe she can write something that will suggest they admit me… I just want to wait until school is over … I see phantom of the opera soon

But to me this is really suffering …but I probably don’t suffer like others …
Is this normal thought ?

Yeah it sucks to feel that way hope you get better

I don’t want to be here

I’m sorry i’m not much help. It’s awful, but you’re not alone. my family turn into strangers too. It comes and goes, but sometimes things do get bad so bad and it feels like it will never end. always does, eventually, that feeling isn’t forever. Don’t ask why. just breathe. sounds stupid, but relax and breathe and remind yourself it will be okay and don’t worry about what anyone thinks, just do what you need to , to feel okay. find something to hold on to. music helps

My girlfriend is upset. Nothing matters. Everyone is a simulation I digrbjnow why I care

There’s something called capgras syndrome where you stop recognizing your loved ones. Or rather you do recognize them, but you don’t FEEL like it’s them anymore. Like they’re fake or imposters. It’s caused by a malfunction in the area of your brain that connects people to feelings about them. You should look into it and see if it resonates.


I know that feeling.

And honestly, no one is suffering exactly the way you are. This forum is full of people who have felt really similar things but no one will ever experience exactly the things that you do. You need and deserve treatment because you are suffering with the things that you are experiencing. I really hope your doctor can help you get admitted :heart:

We want you to be here. I’m sure your girlfriend wants you to be here :heart::two_hearts:

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