Help me, can anyone help?

Help. These beings started showing up a long time ago and won’t stop hurting me.

Can anyone do anything about this?

Can anyone help? I just want to be healthy again, healthy and happy again. I need help. They won’t stop tormenting me, anyone know what to do? Can anything be done at all?

They say they want me to kill myself. Help? Anyone?

Im so dead. Dead as dead can be. So screwed, ■■■■■■, boned, in dire straits, it’s over.

People may want to look into this stuff, you might be able to avoid this problem in the future somehow, it is a possibility at least. You may be able to help your children avoid this problem.

“You are sick. Take your meds and forget due to the induced retardation. You are sick. You are sick. You are sick.”


If you can’t find a way out try getting to the E.R and expressing your concerns to them since it’ll probably be impossible to contact any psychiatrist or therapist at this time of the weekend. You sound like you need some better medication, and if anything the people in the E.R can help calm you down.


Pan, the most effective way of helping with the symptoms is proper medication. You may need an increase of your med or change to another anti-psychotics. I increased the dose of my Amisulpride 3 months ago because I felt dreadful. I added 100 mg to my normal dose. It worked out for me. And two months later I felt very well and then I cut 50mg out. Noe I take 250mg everyday and slept very well. Zero symptoms.

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Throw anything that are related to occultism and spiritism practice.

Pans, we are all here to help you. Don’t feel yourself alone. Try to keep yourself calm. Do you have any of your family member\friend near you? Ask any of them to stay with you until you see a medical professional. Describe your feelings as you have described here and I am sure the professionals will be able to provide you help.

But please don’t give up. Stay calm and try diverting your attention from the illusions. No one can make you to do any harm to anyone.

Whom you are attached to most in your family\friends?


I totally agree with CarleyGee. Hope you feel better soon.

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Well I said, “Hey aliens, COOL IT WITH PANSDISEASE!!!” (In case that would help at all.)

But other than that I agree with @CarleyGee too.

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Delusions will be based on your background. Are you into sci-fi? Been digging into Area 51 related stuff lately? Reading up on Greek mythology? Have you always believed in ghosts? My tormentors take the form of demons because of my religious and spiritual background, I know that now.

They’re directly linked to your emotions. The more frightened you are of them, the more frightening they’ll become. If you’re stressed of suffering from low self-esteem, they’re going to reflect that right back on you by telling you to kill yourself. Positive self image and remaining calm can change this.

Don’t try to tell them they aren’t real, because your emotions and issues are very real. Acknowledge them but don’t be hostile. Exploring your inner workings will help you. It won’t make them go away, but it will help you understand them so that you aren’t as scared by them.

That’s all my non-med related advice anyways. And like everyone else is saying, if you’re worried about harming yourself or others definitely go to a hospital. Good luck and I hope things get better!

i see, hear, feel this stuff all the time.
they don’t scare me, it doesn’t bother me…so…it should not bother you…
they can’t hurt you…yes they can screw with your mind…if you let them.
i see hell below my feet…not scared.
i see demons screaming in my face…not scared.
pan, you are no different to me…this rubbish is constant for me aswell…but i lead a pretty normal life.
be brave pan…you can do this…there is nothing terrifying out there, trust me…i have seen it all…still not bothered.
fear is in the mind, control your mind.
take care

They have hurt me before though, they show me they can just to say “see, we really can hurt people and we do it all the time.” They hurt normal people to sometimes, they don’t even know it when it happens, they kill people sometimes, it’s invisible.

They shocked the living ■■■■ out of me while appearing to me, it hurt really really bad, it was a powerful one time shock.

They burned me to.

And one night i started laughing at the orgies on eyes wide shut and they did something to my spine, it was in the lower area of the spine and it even screwed up my breathing for a second, crazy right?

So, back to my question, does anyone know how to get rid of this problem so i don’t have to poison myself to death? See if i don’t take poisonous meds they hurt me until i do, so what i was shooting for was just making them go away somehow, has anyone ever done this? Is this even possible?

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@pansdisease Sending positive vibes your way. Please keep us updated as soon as you can. Hang in there! .

What’s stopping you from going to the ER for help?

I don’t need the er thats why.

I must be freed, thats what i need, to be freed and left alone by them.

Im not having a psychosis or any symptoms, im just fed up with this ■■■■, it’s ruined my life.

I don’t even need meds, i need to be left alone, it’s not a disease goddamnit.

You;re not alone with this illness. You know and understand that We also wouldn’t be telling to go to the ER if we didn’t think it would help.If we didn’t think it helped us in the past. It’s not a punishment and prolonging getting help for yourself is only punishing yourself. I’m also sure you have been punished enough already throughout your life. So why not give yourself some healing time and space and talk to them at the ER?

I am surprised that you are so brave, dark sith. I usually fear this kind of stuff. I can’t be as brave as you are. I sought the help of medication. I was so scared of the delusions and hallucinations I had two years ago. I am still in this fear.

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Teach yourself to sit very still and slow your breathing way down until you become invisible to them. I mean for hours at a time. Really pisses them off when they find out you have been there all along, and they didn’t realize it.
once they do discover you, wrap yourself in one of those super lightweight Emergency blanket wraps that deflect their electricity back on to them.

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By going to the ER may not help you much, because they are not equipped to handle these matters, they may give you more different meds or send you to the psych ward. You may try loving yourself more and to talk with real psychologists about your delusions. It is so that you may need to reprogram your mind again.

i have been doing this since i was a child, my parents were scarier than any demon could ever be.
i spent most of my time in the woods when young , it was safer there.
there is nothing to fear, but fear it self.
and fear is self created.
take care

If I have induced retardation, I might be one of those savant retarded people, because I do pretty well on medication, in fact my GPA went from up. You don’t forget about psychosis, you just move on. You quit being consumed by it. I will never forget the depths of psychotic hell, that’s impossible, that’s like forgetting being on a bad trip of LSD for two years. The meds don’t quite cure, but they treat very well. It’s like having diabetes but keeping insulin shots or whatever they hell diabetics do to not be ■■■■■■ up.

Do not listen to the ones who want you to kill yourself…just simply do not follow their advice…

Photo 1…Alien…banish it or bind it in Jesus name…must have faith the power is there.

Photo 3 Possible hologram, if so it can’t hurt you, but if it a satyr which it sort of looks like, same thing as #1 or ask what its up to…

Photo 5… she looks cool. These beings are usually benevolent & angelic.

Photo 6, govt project black ops plane TR3B or X41… all I’d worry about there is exposure to radiation possibly. and what the hec here…didn’t they know the shuttle was in orbit taking pics? LOL…so busted !!..its in a NASA video…

Funny, I caught the same thing from above in an astral experience in 2002 and drew it…Note: ABOVE, meaning I was higher than them…key point in the game here…

Photo 7… who/what is she? What is her game?

I’m assuming photo 2 and 5 are just shadow beings?
I’m like "Woa, hey, whats up? I move quickly towards the manifestation usually, chase it…I often freak them out I think…like they are appearing for some reason but when they see i am not afraid and i confront them aggressively they end up running. In some cases I wish they didn’t…

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