Cartel reading my mind

They are real. I need help. They are going to kill me!

Noone is Reading your mind. It’s impossible. But you do need help. Please talk to a pdoc as soon as possible and talk about these perceptions.

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Hello @Shannon_Ohalloran, I find your post very interesting. I too have had beliefs about my close relationship with aliens and it goes back many years for me now. But when I was acutely psychotic my mental interactions with aliens happened every day several times a day. But after I was diagnosed and started taking anti-psychotic medication I started to develop insight that maybe I was mentally ill and maybe my memories and experiences with aliens weren’t substantiated by the real world. As years passed and as I got lots of sleep and continued taking my meds my insight grew stronger and I became firmly, not slightly convinced that my interactions with aliens were delusions. I learned that my memories about it are real but the truth about it is that it was delusional. If you continue taking your meds and get lots of sleep (if you can) the power of your insight will grow stronger and your mind will heal itself as a byproduct of its ongoing goal of seeking the truth (when healthy). Please have faith in the process of healing and try to control your anxiety about your situation with deep breathing and other techniques for anxiety control. Alcohol doesn’t work, I know, I’ve tried it big time and it doesn’t work it just makes you sicker for longer. What is really encouraging is that you have lots of insight and that is the mind’s most powerful tool for self healing. Just relax, sleep lots and take your anti psychotic meds every day and if things are going to improve then things will improve over time. By the way its ok to have memories about delusional thoughts or experiences because the memories are an accurate record of your past. Best of luck and everything on your journey to mental wellness.

The Truman show delusion seems solvable. Takes good meds and maybe some more.

I am trying to break out. I am having some success.

I’ll spill the beans once I’m functionally out. Maybe even fully.

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