Help asap help asap help asap help asap

i cant live anymore! please help ASAAAP they are destroying my brain apart, i cant ■■■■■■■ breathe even. i had so many nervous break downs and insane pain, please help! im ■■■■■■■ important! i dont have time for this CRAP!!! please ■■■■■■■ help!! where to get helmet against mind control! and sue them!!! MEDS DONT WORK!!! it is tech from people for damn sure. and here is like obviousest proof ever

cant post link!!

i want my own ■■■■■■■ brain!!!

It’s in Your Skull … ,

No Needs to Worries (!!!)


Hey, I’m sorry you’re suffering. You own your own brain, no one is trying to destroy it. What is happening especifically?

Hey, HELPASAP. It sounds like you’ve got some very scary things going on right now.

Can you tell me what’s happening?

they can totally hack your brain and just torment you all day long or else you are their pig or whatever, i dont have time for this ■■■■ i need my brains??

wth didnt you understand???

what is happening with you??? we are on shizophrenia forums why are you suddenly dont understand nothing? are you brain controled?

There were times when I was certain I was being forced to take psychiatric treatment for illegitament reasons. It was a pretty scary feeling. Things can get better. You can make it through this.

they can totally control your brain,
it is not you anymore
they can block your brain completely
they will steal your personality and memes and totally destroy you
and they can make you sleep like for years, youre basically handicaped
they will ■■■■■■■ yak all day long in your head and it can even go for years!!! im not trolling i swear!

and most of all they can even shoot somekinda painful vibes right in your skull, its real agony!!! AGONY!!! i nearly died like 2 times!!!

idk its harp or whatever but i dont have time for this lameass ■■■■, where to ■■■■■■■ buy helmet already???

You can’t post a link here because you’ve just created a new account. The system doesn’t let new users post links in case they are trying to spam the forums. You’ll find that the more you participate here, the more things you’re allowed to do.

The meds take a while to work and not every med works for every person. Please be patient and work with your doctors to find the right solution. What you’re feeling and experiencing right now is NOT real. Take it from someone who felt he was being controlled by aliens decades back. It took YEARS to get things straightened out and to get control of my head back, but it IS possible. I’m now living a mostly normal life as a husband, father, and member of my community.

Please don’t give up hope or give in to the weird thoughts!

There’s no such thing as a helmet that prevents mind control. I tried things like building a Faraday cage to shield myself in the past. Didn’t work. The only solution is meds and therapy. Let your doctor know how much trouble you’re having and get newer and stronger meds for now.


do you know any other shields??? what is the strongest one on earth?

Medication and therapy. Working with your doctors. These are the only effective shields against what you are going through right now and they need some time to take effect and relieve your stress.

What you’re experiencing is NOT REAL and only proper medical treatment makes it go away. Trying things that play into your hallucinations and delusions (like trying to find mind control shields) will only make you sicker and harder to treat over the long run. Take it from someone who tried doing it the wrong way first – not a mistake you want to repeat.

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Please call your pdoc office and goto the hospital

um no?

please read what i wrote again? o.o

i know all this ■■■■ from ■■■■■■■ a to the z, dont need to spam me with this old bs, im telling absolute truth!

person who is talking in my brain is not me or my alterpart or anything! i swear! i inspected the crap out of it, it deffinetely is brain control tech!

you just wana feel comfy without no troubles with that meds etc but someone can plain hack into your brains and steal everything from you!

my pc was hacked by them too!

That’s not real man, you came to a schizophrenia forum asking for help.

You need medication and therapy as soon as possible, that’s what we’re saying.

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they are sending me painful vibes as im writing this please help!

Go to the er…

Why did you say meds don’t work? For how long were you on them?

you just wana obey to them or something youre not even real person

■■■■ this forum and all that crap, i need my own personal mine brains!!! where the ■■■■ to get helmet???

The reason we’re suggesting that you talk to a doctor is that this is a schizophrenia site, and not a mind control site. You’re going to find a lot of people here who have experienced similar things, and came to understand that it was caused by their brain playing tricks on them.

Where are you at right now? Are you feeling compelled to do something right now?

I’m sorry you feel that way, I can’t prove you I’m a real person, but I am.

You came here asking for help, please go to the ER, call your psychiatrist, you’re having a mental health crisis.

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wtf are you talking about, i wrote everything already

i was on meds forever, they just dont work!!