Hellish Anxiety

So for the past few days I’ve been extremely anxious (shaky/weakness, nausea, burning chest/stomach, general feeling like I just ran a mile.) and my usual 1mg dose of lorazepam PRN didn’t do much if anything so I took 2mg and now the anxiety just comes and goes but can still get pretty bad. Thing is, I don’t know what I’m anxious about. Delusions and odd thoughts are hitting me faster and harder than normal, but nothing I can’t dismiss at the moment.

Has anyone else had anxiety like this that just won't go away?

When I was on certain pills I had anxiety beyond belief. But niether time did the psychiatrists do anything about it

That sucks, but I kinda know what you mean about pdocs not doing anything to help when there’s a problem. I’m gonna email mine about this anxiety and not expect a damn thing from them.

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I have waves of anxiety secondary to my paranoia every day. Sometimes it’s worse than others but it never goes away. If I wasn’t paranoid, I wouldn’t be anxious. My paranoia causes it. It sucks.

I take Lexapro for my horrible anxiety

i have anxiety beyond controll…Psy med are only my option i am soon starting Zosert …!!

I have anxiety induced by abilify.

I spent most of yeaterday in the ER just in case (because of the dizzyness, chest burning, and feeling like I was going to pass out.) They did an EKG, and blood tests and couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me. He just said take more Ativan and follow up with my GP.

The part that has me scared is this dizziness. It’s constant and won’t go away. It feels like the spins I get when I’ve had a few shots of liquor. I’m kinda freaking out, now I seriously think I might have been poisoned or something (though I know that’s a common delusion, it maybe seems possible in this situation?) The anxiety just adds to it and far becomes the worse symptom, making it so I can barely keep my food and water down and makes me shaky.)

I just want it to go away…


Dizziness and anxiety are often found together, but you may also have an inner ear infection. How is your blood pressure? Is it low? Drink plenty of water. Also, breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, and then out through your mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat.

i find it so hard to determine what it is that i’ve got, i thought i had anxiety but now idk whether it was stomach problems or caused by meds so i am cutting back on meds just now to find out. i hope it works :frowning:


I understand the motivation, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to cut back on your meds without your pdoc’s approval.

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i wouldn’t do this lightly, and i see my p/doc on the 9th and if i need extra i will take it, i have been up and down my dose of AP before so thats ok but the main problem just now is the Omeprazole i want to stop.


How long have you been taking Omeprazole? This med is to reduce stomach acid, and stomach pain is listed as a common side effect. Ask your doctor about Prilosec.

I know where you’re coming from. When my issues first started becoming a problem, my first issue was anxiety that was bad enough to cause severe stomach problems and prevent me from safely driving to my place of employment.

I thought it was physiological, but I ran across a Dr. that recognized the symptoms as anxiety. He put me on lorazepam 1mg 3x a day for months and it worked wonders. Then I switched to a better Dr. (Better insurance) and opened up about my paranoia, psychotic depression DX followed. A few months later a DX of SZA.

It is really hard to tell the difference between physiological and psychological issues. Like right now I don’t know if my dizziness is a serious health issue that needs to be addressed or if it’s caused by anxiety. IMHO, it feels like the dizzyness causes my anxiety to trigger which for some reason is triggering way easier and harder than normal.