Heavily drinking in my teens, I think I've ruined my whole life

I think this could be the main cause of my illness. I used to drink a lot on Saturdays when I was 14/15/16 (I suposse due I’ve having problems at home) I never reminded what I did the past night… I think all this don’t let my brain to develope correctly.

I currently had severe cognitive, negative and disorganized symptoms.

I’m wondering if some day any medication could help me…


Don’t worry. I never abused alcohol and I never took drugs. But I still have strong negative symptoms. It’s genetic…


I don’t think that your misdeeds are to blame.
I never did drugs or alcohol and yet here I am with severe cognitive problems.

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Whats the hope for us ? :disappointed_relieved:
Thanks for your words…!

I don’t know much about underage drinking and brain development, but drinking heavily once a week from you’re 14 is hardly uncommon where I live, and very few of those people actually develop schizophrenia. I don’t think your drinking caused your illness, but it could have affected its course and development somehow.

For now, I think your only option is antipsychotics and supplements like sarcosine and L-theanine.


I have a friend who was alcoholic for many years. He started drinking heavily at 15. Now he’s 33, happily married and doesn’t drink much anymore. He is perfectly healthy…


My doctor don’t prescribe me any antypsichotics, I’ve read that they can stop brain decline, but I don’t know why he doesn’t prescribe it to me… He think that my cognitive problems are due to depression but I’m living it in my skin and It’s almost impossible that all this is due to a depression. Furthermore I’m taking antidepressants with few improvement…

I remember myself covering my nose between jokes to drink more and more without feel the taste. Pathetic.

We all have regrets, @Indecisive
I regret a lot in my past life too.
But if I travelled in time to change the past, would I still get schizophrenia? I guess the answer is YES.

We will never know :relieved:
But you’re right regrets lead us nowhere.

Aalcohol was the greatest thing for that brief time. i drank every single day for ages. i really fail to relate how any of my symptoms came about from that…

The drugs that will bring out underlying MI fast will be LSD. I just dont think my bad trip ever ended. That sh*t is pure poisen if you got MI in the family

@Andrey I have no regrets because the disease affected my development with mild cognitive impairment and symptoms
not being sociable and not pursuing my cognitive interests I believe that that was due to prodromal schizophrenia.
The disease has robbed my entire life basically.
I think that 2 things that affected my development negatively were a, being in Israel
and b, having prodromal schizophrenia.
I want to leave Israel as soon as I can, but in my current state I will fare poorly in any country.
If I were healthy I would develop well and leave Israel at a young age I guess.

Staying clear of alcohol and changing ones ways may help.

I used to binge drink when I was younger but nolonger drink alcohol.

I was messed up before I had alcohol I think although apparently I had beer as a toddler.

Your life can perhaps improve.

Maybe medication could help.
Alcohol can be medicine in some cases but should be discussed with professionalperhaps.

I used to get black out drunk 6 times a week and look at me now… I’m Jesus Christ reincarnated!!!

I didn’t drink till I was almost 19. And when I first started drinking it was 7 days a week but 1-4 shots per day self medicating anxiety. Then I stopped for a while. Then someone told me alcohol makes u more creative so I overdid it for a while. But it made me less creative, it wasn’t till I started taking naltrexone and cut down drinking a lot that my creativity started to return.

Alcohol is detrimental. I’m not a fan anymore. It’s the worst. It’s very addictive and I hate depressing drugs. I prefer my e cig and caffeine (stimulants) and I used to do lsd which is stimulating too, and weed is cool but only when it’s legal (don’t ask why but it is good when it’s legal, don’t enjoy it when it’s illegal, for multiple reasons ). I also did Coke once and liked it but was too expensive for me. I’ve done other drugs too like multiple forms of dmt and shrooms and mescaline and ketamine. Yeah I have worse substance abuse history than you and it could’ve brought on mental illness but idc anymore. Gotta learn to live with regrets. Tbt I’m grateful for my substance abuse history. I heard voices, was delusional, out of touch with reality, miserable, anxiety, couldn’t sleep, concentrate, do well in school, before I tried drugs or alcohol. Drugs n alcohol made it so unmanageable I couldn’t hide it anymore and was forced to get help. So yeah I’ve considered it a blessing in the end. It’s probably hard for u to see that cuz u drank before the ages of sz…so it seems like a caused b. But since I only smoked weed after I graduated hs, I can see I was already showing signs of sza. And it is a disease, addiction. Wish there were more acceptance towards addicts. But ppl blame it on the individual. It’s their fault if it’s royally ■■■■■■ yo life up and u refuse to stop. But only 20% of ppl who do drugs are addicts. Only 20% of ppl who drink are alcoholics. It’s a genetic/environmental thing. Based on how many d2 cells u have which can be depleted by trauma (from a YouTube documentary on addiction)

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Try asking ur pdoc about naltrexone. If you think your still trippin…naltrexone helps with hppd (hallucinogenic peripheral persisting disorder) the feeling ur still tripping after the drug wore off. Naltrexone saved my life. I’ve always valued my lsd experiences and even more now that I got naltrexone.

I sometimes wonder if the reason naltrexone has antipsychotic effects on me is because I had really bad hppd before.

Nice words yankee,

unfortunately i grew up in an environment where mental illnesses were ashamed of they were hidden and abolished ( the stigma still sucks). I remember doing strange things a kid way before i ever took a sip of alcohol.the last time i took lsd was probably 7 years ago. i went really bad off it as i smoked a some DMT with it and sort of threw me way off for a year. my parents new it was drugs and i personally felt if i was crazy it was WAY better to blame it on the drugs. the alchol was the most satisfying beautiful thing that i thought god had created for me until the depressant of it the next day. then i just drank more.

The paranoia got really intense andstarted seeing things that werent there. that when the help was needed.

So whether drugs started it or i was MI before hand the pdoc promised to not tell me :slight_smile:

I CANNOT BELIEVE ANY schizophrenic can handle hallucinogenics. it scares me right now thinking that


Well hallucinogens temporarily induce sz even in non schizophrenics. Pdocs used to take lsd and check themselves into psych wards in the 50s to gain empathy for patients. So I imagine having DOUBLE SCHIZOPHRENIA is worse than even sz. The first eight times I did lsd I loved it. Then I had a 9th bad nightmare terrible trip and it really messed me up bad! Then I was in denial about sz and chased that high for years from the 6th-8th time I tripped but it was never the same. And just messed me up more. I would go off my meds so I could get High. Then end up in psych wards. Then I did hallucinogens on the meds and that was no good either. The 6th time I did lsd was the best night of my life. My favorite drug. Haven’t done them in a year. Naltrexone has helped a lot for me.

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im amazed you can do lsd diagnosed with schizophrenia

That is something special bro :slight_smile:

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I am special but I assure you that’s not the reason why! I am schizoaffective btw not schizophrenic, if that makes a difference!

cool haha not being rude at all.

I just dont think any med couldsave me after that :smiley:

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