Im feeling very thinking no schizophrenia

Delusions while others are talking to you started after drinking more alcohol i kept one year in it never out of it with feeling im god and no one here everyone is just there that after work problems i left my country with political problems i lost myself everything and life only for fun cause in side sad i exit meds 3 times by cutting it dierct always was only got thoughts from that old delusions started with alcohol the foruth time exiting i kept risperdal and like everyday drinking alcohol and ended all old delusions i back to meds now im not feeling any thoughts for 4 month no Digestive problems ever never felt boring and im very better now i think if i kept one year on meds i can exit im still taking drugs all time sometime i stop it so i feel bad and at first i took risperdal with too much drugs in past year and i felt the problems of schizophrenia

Can anybody help?

Stop drinking and using drugs.

That’ll help you.


yea i think same as @anon54386108

you should stay off of the booze and away from the drugs.


What type of drugs??? I take a medication called naltrexone. Look into it for drug use especially if you drink or do opioids


But it more then 4 month with never boring or any problems? I cant stop if risperdal didnt make loose the effect i was better with drugs i got many problems and 17 years political problems then i got this i left my country and all my dreams in it

Thinking im not schizophrenia i made test dsm5 and more tests everything says im not schizophrenia but doctor guess that effect of meds if im addictied too all this may im not schizophrenia

Everything but im active lifestyle my body detox very fast little mg of drugs after risperdal no effect for them i felt crazy dieing when drink too much and cant sleep

Schizophrenia started with overdose drugs and 18 and im now 25

Oh you’re the same age I was when I started naltrexone 5 years ago !!!

I’m gonna make assumptions and say when you say everything you mean something like opiates, weed, benzos, coke, speed, and psychedelics if you mean everything ??? You don’t have to say what but even if you’re just doing like 2-3 of those that’s rough. Not to mention schizophrenia too I empathize with you.

I used to drink alcoholically and do psychedelics a lot but I’ve tried everything, just didn’t like the addictive + deadly ones.

But Naltrexone I take this little pill every morning and it takes the desire to drink away. Even if I did drink I wouldn’t enjoy it. You have to understand the risks especially with what you’re doing all those drugs.

naltrexone is an opiate and alcohol blocker so cant mix. It’s also called vivitrol. . It helps cravings for all drugs though. It cured me of HPPD (hallucinogenic persisting peripheral disorder)

It sounds like you function ok but usually with serious addicts they recommend detox and rehab

Sorry to hear you’re struggling

I’m not a clinician but I’d try to find a rehab. You have insurance where you live??? Maybe consider naltrexone too as an advice because it can really help. But gotta detox first before naltrexone. Mixing it with opioids is bad and they usually give it or suboxone to opioid addicts these days, depending on whether they can get through detox or not.

Feel free to @ me if you need help or are struggling or anything. I’m very interested in addiction and a harm reduction non-criminalization approach to drugs

I’m the guy to talk to :wink:

Good luck man I wish you the best :+1:

You gotta have to WANT to get sober

Maybe go to an NA or AA meeting even if you’re high for the first one you can check it out and you just can’t talk if you’re high during it but you can listen.

That’s the best advice I got for u

Im not feeling to stop all problem caused by risperdal i was not get addicted and i always can stop and exit