Hearing voices which claim to be psychics

I have been hearing voices of increasing intensity for the past several months, and I have only recently been able to question their basis in reality. A year ago they were few and far between, but not occupy most of my time. They started as police officers, and then became a number of other individuals before manifesting in their current, persistent form.

They claim to be two psychics, who are friends with someone I wronged in the past. They claim to be able to see what I see, hear what I think, and able to access many of my memories. They also mention they can see into my subconscious. They ask one favor of me, which I have time and time again refused to complete. When I agree to their terms, they grow in intensity. They voice every one of my deepest anxieties, and claim to have an entire group of friends that watches as they play my mind in the most uncomfortable way. We are constantly conversing in my head, nearly every waking moment. They are even there when I wake up at odd hours of the night.

Seeing a post on this forum, I was struck by its similarity to my own. The voices always deny that I am schizophrenic, and say talking to my psychiatrist about what has been happening will ruin my life. I am afraid they will convince me they are real before my next appointment, but I’m trying my best to ignore them.

What meds are you on ? LATUDA has been my miracle drug. For the most part, this med enables you to filter out these voices and concepts of irrationality. Do you have overlapping voices or thoughts ? I do. It has really calmed down in the past 2 months. It was quite terrifying so I needed to increase my dosage. I thought I was going to go off the deep end FOREVER. Hang in there.

better tell ur parents and ur friends the voices in ur head

i wouldnt say these voices are actually psychics that someone you wronged in the past knows its more likely that they are a coping mechanism of your mind created because you have emotional issues in your subconcious you cant deal with if i was you id try to figure out what sort of thing youve gone through that is causing these voices, if you tell your doctor theyll up your medication until you dont hear them anymore and while that is good you should still use this time to try and accept the emotions they are bringing up and try to defeat the voices there are therapys out there that do that but i am stil researching this kind of thing so i dont know too much about it but iv heard voices for months on end before and it was horrible , im on abilify and xeplion now so i dont hear them anymore and its great , much better than hearing voices everyday non stop, i can think clearly now and its all good but these meds are very bad for you in terms of side effects like long term use shrinks brain tissue so i want to get off them but then im going to have to deal with the voices they are blocking out again so meds will stop them but then stop the meds and theyll come back , but i think there are therapies out there to do with dealing with the voices and overcoming them

I’ve often though what is the difference between a psychic earning money from people and a schizophrenic the answer is nothing.
Install start my psychic fortune telling business post haste!

I hear voices that have told me they are psychics and tell me I am also a psychic. It started with elaborate stories, and they also claim to have access to a lot of my info, but now they have a more spiritual explanation of what a psychic is. It’s not a person living in public. They also say that what we think is mean, is actually helpful spiritually. What is the one thing they want you to do? Also out of curiosity what happens if you ask them whether you are psychic too? I hope the medication is helping you as well.

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Make them prove it…with the help of a friend or family member…have them answer questions your friend has written the answers to down already…