Do you really believe?

Hi, I am on a drug for schizophrenia called Latuda. I find it the best so far because my memory has returned and I now function normally. However, I live in two worlds. In my head where I am persecuted telepathically by voices belonging to family and friends and passers by and then in the real world where my behaviour is normal and I pretend nothing is in my head! I’m so convinced in spiritual occurrences that I think I’m a bit treatment resistant. Do you still believe schizophrenia is real when medicated, not just because you know you should?

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I don’t really understand your question, can you please rephrase?
While on meds, my positive symptoms are totally gone. I can think clearly and see the world objectively. However I struggle with negative symptoms, therefore I know that my illness is real and those voices I heard and those delusions I had were simply products of my deranged brain.

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well youre lucky then. for me its either the voices world of total insult and false promises OR the “real world” where people think youre basically human waste and dont want to associate with you.


Hi Andrey, I meant do you believe that voices in your head are just imaginary? I’d love to know what medication are you taking?

An Honest Question of Pure Transgressions .

Stay Safe .

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I think if you have the right meds, you basically become normal but with a few side effects… hopefully nothing major.

meds take all that away for me, so it sounds pretty much like you are in your first few days / weeks of recovery on a good med for you or you are treatment resistant

i think it depends on the time scale… are you fewer than 6 - 8 weeks from your last frank psychosis?

Hi, I’ve been taking Latuda since last year but I’m still not convinced telepathy doesn’t exist at all…

have you tried clozaril?
its the go to drug for treatment resistance

if you’re unlucky you might just be on the severe end like my sister or people i have come across…
keep talking

not like i can tell you what to take that’s your psych’s responsibility

Afternoon Hello @Thanna & @mouse1977

Tha “wonder” Drug Fo Mee Was and STILL is Invega … … …


also - it’s how my first year went as well not being sure if telepathy is real = it could just be a fairly severe first episode
sorry for all the guessing

i have clopixol -

I have never had any other so effective
i really have got lucky really - it’s an older drug i think it is anyway
tried about 4 or 5 different ones
some do tend to work more than others

It’s worse than that sadly, as I’ve been ill over fifteen years…

Nvr Erd of it Yo … ,

e(Y)e Tried saphris (my therapist freaked out after e(Y)e was on it for a week or so and threw it all away) … ,

e(Y)e Tried zyprexa , No Harsh Side Affects that e(Y)e Was Aware of but Twas Early Within My Diagnosee … , & After Some T(Y)me they Gave Me a Different One … ,

))) *side note *EMINEM’s - NOT AFRAID ((( ,

and e(Y)e Tried Some Others , but Invega L(Y)Ke Always , Seems to Work Best … , in My Personal Universe … … …

have you had times of no symptoms?? for any longish period?

There is a Difference Between Illness (like cancer) and An “officials” Opinion On How You Should Think and Behave … ,

Oddly Enough Within a Country that Holds Tite to Freedom of Speech (!?!) … … …

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Sorry for the delay… I have had over fifteen years of hallucinations and delusion. I’d like to test clozapin but worry it would be too sedative, cause memory loss and generally make me a zombie…

You have to weigh up what you might gain though…

I’m sure that trying it would be a good idea. It can only be a bit worse than what you put up with now - i’ve seen people do really well on it. although i don’t take clozapin, i take clopixol, the increase in dose i’ve had lately does make me a bit zombie, but it’s managing my life enough to do what i want to do - so it’s a toss up for me anyway - lay around feeling better and doing nothing or work a bit harder, have a bit less good energy and do something with my life

sorry if that little story isn’t helpful at all - it’s difficult - i’d be scared to take it - although with all the testing that they have to do it’s one of the safest drugs to be on so don’t let fear of serious side effects worry you

i mean i’d be scared to take it because of the side effects you mention as well

i think it’s worth trying


Thanks for your help. I am really going to think it through. The alternative is to remain on Latuda and hope I can talk myself round through therapy because at least I am still mentally alert, intelligent and high functioning…

Hi Mouse,
I’m on 15mg Abilify, that’s all. But I struggle with negative symptoms, and I am low functioning. So I don’t know what’s worse: hearing voices but coping with them, or struggling with everyday activities like I am.