Healthy eating

I force myself to eat some meat/fish and veggies at least 3-4 times a week for dinner. Because of negative symptoms it’s something that takes energy. I don’t have the energy to cook meat and chop veggies all days.

I was wondering if anyone have any tips for eating healthy with negative symptoms making it harder to prepare food?

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They have healthy microwave ready meals.
Frozen meals.


I don’t eat cooked food because of negatives and anxiety in a shared kitchen.

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Unless it’s ready made or take away

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Raw red peppers are an amazing source of vitamin c.

I eat those.


A good thing for me has been to keep a few “level1” meals at hand, meaning lowest energy required. They are usually prepackaged something’s but you can make better choices than others that include all your groups. It’s better than not eating at all.
Sandwiches with meat and veggies
Snack plates with deli meats, cheeses, veg etc

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