Health Anxiety

I have health anxiety

My kidneys are not in the best of shape

I feel I might get a stroke in ten years. It runs on both sides of my family and also cos of the decades of binge eating. An aneurysm so that’s something idk if I can reverse it, likewise for sped up kidney damage.

How can I still feel confident that things will be okay and can anyone relate.


I think you need to take care of it actively… if you want some peace of mind.

If not, you can allways yolo idgaf it…

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I trust life.

But it’s a belief.

You could always ask your doctor for support but you’ll likely be labeled as a hypochondriac.


Yes I am taking care of it now.

But my fear is that I’ve reached past a point of no return

And meaning that no matter wat I do,

I will get a stroke early and it will debilitate me

Plus fatigue from sped up kidney damage.

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That’s cool… Really truly.

Unfortunately, I do aswell but I have my (too often) moments of horrible doubt.

Maybe I need to trust life more but I don’t know how.

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I don’t believe it’s irreverible you’re young. But we need to start taking things seriously from now on.

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Sounds like you’re experiencing anxiety.

Maybe deep breaths, some herbal tea and a warm shower?

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Thankyou @dreamer54 and @Jonathan2 that’s Cool I will take that on board.



How are things going with you?

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Thanks for asking Zoe. Today it’s my rest day. I should be incorporating some form of cardio, but I’m too lazy rn. Better do something than nothing, tho.

Working on a tune with AKendrick keeps me busy as well.

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Sounds good.

Yea dw about the cardio.

Don’t overdo it.

You gotta stick to how much you can do

It’s the direction that matters not the speed.

I’m also not doing cardio just pilates, 5 days a week.

Tunes sounds fun!!!

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Pilates is great. And it’s cardio. Edit: mb it seems to not be cardio

Have you thought about going to salsa lessons?

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That looks fun. Maybe one day haha. Thankyou for the suggestion

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I’ve been having health anxiety this past while too mostly because I realize I’m about half way done my life probably :joy:

Not much I can do but eat salad and drink water

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Just get regular checkups from your GP. (Blood tests etc).


I have to wait until September. So it’s a while. But if my blood vessels are getting bulged and weaker is not something I can know. In the health system here.

Likewise kidney stuff,


I hope you live a long life.

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I hope so too :smile: wishing you many years as well. :pray:

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@Zoe Have you spoken with a therapist about your health ruminations? I remember you had posted some time ago that your GP said your blood labs were fine, yet you are convinced you have kidney issues. Based on your frequent posting about a variety of health worries despite assurances from your GP, it seems like you might benefit from therapy to help you navigate through how to better manage health-related worrying. Also, chronic worrying can stress you both mentally and physically which is not healthy.