I Am Undead

Everything came back okay on the blood tests ^.^

I am still having chest pain and my blood pressure went up when my heart rate dropped. My heart rate fell below 60 for awhile after I settled down for a long time.

I have a follow up appointment and some pain killers.


Also the nurse said I was dehydrated but I think she was just joking when she called me salty :yum:


Glad your blood tests were okay @anon1571434.
I can understand your concern about your chest pains, your blood pressure and your heart rate dropping so low.
It seems like you are taking the necessary steps to address these issues though.
Hope you feel better soon and find the right treatment for these problems. :sunglasses:

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Really I am glad someone told me to go to the hospital because that prompted me to think if I was doing anything weird and yes I was by almost going on a very restrictive diet.


I’m glad to hear you aren’t dying @anon1571434 please take care of yourself :heart:

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I think my anxiety raises when my heart rate drops and my blood pressure rises. Idk why but it does.

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Maybe your body reacts in a way that’s similar to anxiety so it makes you anxious?

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It could be. I know I was having the feeling like I was going to die before I left for the hospital. And had a brief feeling of that in the hospital bed.

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Damn I hope your heart learns to chill cause that’s scary. Just take it easy my dude! When’s your follow up appointment?

I am calling today to make an appointment with the heart doctor. I notice my heart rate does get very low when I am resting and my blood pressure shoots way up. It may be because that I need to stretch more but the low heart rate comes from working out so much that my heart can pump more blood with less effort, so that’s not really a big deal. The standard for regular people is 60-100 bpm. Mine went as low as 57 that I saw.

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When i was at the hospital they gave me a drug that did similar things to my heart. It was uncomfortable. So hopefully the doc will shed some light on it.

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That’s scary. It seems like every few months I hear a horror story of a young athlete passing away from heart trouble. But glad you are still vertical. Good luck to you. :slight_smile:

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