He blocked me :)

I asked him too. I could not stop messaging him. It’s like my first episode all over again and that’s why I’m so afraid of going into psychosis. I would have constantly messages him night and day for months. I did it before. I have strange symptoms.

Is there such a thing as “normal” symptoms?


That’s good ish. I think you have standard manic symptoms, you’ll be better soon.

Sorry, I forgot, when is your appointment?

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On the surface I seem normal but behind the that surface I’m just not coping.

I don’t have one but I’m speaking to the nurse over the phone today :slight_smile:

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You should schedulle an appointment with your pdoc soon so you can up your abilify

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Is compulsive writing mania

I think it’s more the fact that you’re writing on a dating site with weird guys just for attention.

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I’ve done it before but to a guy I knew. That was 6 years ago.

Me too. I wrote compulsevly to a guy when I was psychotic and manic.

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Oh Em Gee! We must be soul-sisters!

See, even my humour is not coping. lol

ish my advice is forget about men for a bit. Work on yourself. And do more of what minnii says lol

That’s true of many of us. Typical for sz’s.

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