Having troubles to express myself

Hi there, I’ve noticed I’m having a lot of troubles for, some time now, to express myself when I’m speaking.
It’s pretty hard for me to find the word I’m looking for? to express my feelings, what I want to describe or explaining something, my sentences are unclear, and I’m conscious ot that.
It’s such a pain, this is just terrible, sounds like I’m speaking without using my brain and I don’t know what to do against that, it makes me sad, especially when I know that I didn’t have this problem before, when I was taking Invenga and when I’ve stopped my medication.
Do people here are experencing the same thing ?
I’m currently under Ablify and this is the only medication I take

The best is to discuss this with your pdoc. Why did you quit invega?

my pdoc won’t change it because I’ve switched to Abilfy in April and she will probably think it’s too recent
I’ve stopped Invega because I was taking too much weight with that medication, I was always hungry and I’ve learned that some peoples in Japan has died due to Invega (http://www.madinamerica.com/2014/04/21-dead-japan-new-antipsychotic/) which kinda sacred me

Yeah I saw about that invega in japan thing. But I looked into it, and they had no leads to be sure of it. I’m on invega and I’m fine.

But okay, talk to your pdoc about those issues, it sucks living like that. In writting its okay though.

I’m looking for what is causing that, the closest thing I’ve found that can describe my problem is aphasia but I did some researches and it doesnt seem to be related to schizophrenia or medication, kind of weird