Anyone with similar delusions like mine and could some of them be real?

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I doubt people would bother doing something like that unless they were playful or curious kids.

I too have had similar thoughts about neighbours, making the mistake to interpit that every noise I heard from others had something to do with me. I attribute this to having a racy mind and spending too much time in my apartment, contracting cabin fever.

People have their own lifes to live, it would make as little sense for them to put me in the focus of their attention as it would for me to care about what they were doing.

It helps to try and reason with oneself I find, and find things to help calm the mind.


Ya I had that. I actually do got probes in my walls (temperature probes though) but I thought theoretically they could be thermo probes and watch me in my room and stuff. I got paranoid as ■■■■ lol. It’s very unlikely and it took years to get this delusion resolved. I had to learn to trust people and a simple conversation to clarify things helped me. It’s very left field thinking but totally possible at the same time.


Yeah, I think neighbors listen to me. I try to stop and reason it out that nothing is happening. The old ladies next to me tend to laugh and I can’t figure out if they’re laughing at me. The problem is that these apartments were built in the 1940’s and as my step-dad pointed out, the building codes were not as strict as they are now and these walls are like paper thin. Sometimes I’m just more sensitive to it than other times.


Actually I’ve talked to several people with this sort of delusion a type of listening bug kind of delusion or mind reading, etc. Its a really scary thought to have. Try to relax and think through the logistics.

It will be a little hard as you’re the one with the delusion, but just think through how much money and time and attention they would have to pay to do that, and try to rationalize it away a little bit at a time.

Do that with enough regularity and eventually you might find your delusion doesn’t hook into you with the same persuasiveness as it used to.

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Remember we are a forum for people who suffer from psychiatric disorders. Feeding other’s delusions or looking for validation isn’t what this forum is about. That these sorts of thoughts are common should tell you something. It’s the result of brain disorders and not the actions of others.

I just wondered since I’m not sure it even is schizophrenia

Yeah that’s what I’m worried about like I just want to live a normal life tbh and I’m scared I wont be able to because my delusion was so strong. Like u used to believe it so strong but not any more due to antipsychotics

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What mental disorder does it sound like I havent been diagnosed with anything as of yet the said I have psychosis

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