Having trouble with insight

ive seen things all my life. how do i know which are hallucinations? i dont even know what to tell my doctor my symptoms are.


Maybe you can write down your beliefs on paper and tell them to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to determine if your beliefs are contrary to what is generally accepted as reality.

Sorry, you said hallucinations. I’ll get back to you.


This is kind of what I said prior, but write down what you’ve seen on paper. The doctor will probably ask for context (where were you when you saw this?).

It will still come down to seeing things that are contrary to what is generally accepted as reality.

Doctors usually ask you many questions and you must answer them, and also you can say what troubles you have etc

ok i have a list in mind i think. even for beliefs too :smile:thanks that really helped

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I have trouble with insight too. I made a journal form to take to my psychiatrist. It asks the following questions and really helps him catch up on what has been happening. I write on these forms when I experience something weird like seeing something:

  1. Date and time
  2. What happened? What did you see (I get mostly visual “hallucinations”)
  3. What else was happening? (ie, were there spies after you)
  4. Where were you?
  5. Rate anxiety over the situation out of ten.
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I feel like I have pretty good insight into my illness but it doesn’t stop me from being delusional.

Now that I’m aware I’m ill, basically anything that a person shouldn’t normally see I determine is a hallucination. So like the bodies hanging from my closet? Probably a hallucination. Demon girl hunched over on a chair? Hallucination. Giant clown peeking out from behind mailbox? Yeah.

Not all of them are obvious like that though. Like I’ll think I see a person standing in the corner of a room in a place where a person could very well be, but when I look straight on they vanish…or I’ll see someone walking their dog and then a second later, poof gone…so if anything suddenly vanishes or disappears when I look right at it I also call it as a hallucination.

Those are my tricks.

back when I believed my voices were from actual people, I had this idea that I should never talk to them about it, coz they’ll just make it look like it was all just in my head in the end…