Having problems with checking accounts

I have a credit card with a major US bank, so I thought I would open a checking account with them. It has been nothing but trouble. The last thing is it was saying I was trying to use a new mobile number when I typed my phone number for the system to text me a security code. It keeps logging me out. Customer service tells me I must be typing my phone number wrong when I’m not.

Anyway I tried another major US bank and had trouble too, but their customer service was helpful. They asked me which of the following was the mascot of a college I had attended and which of the following cars did I own.

They straightened out their information, but still want me to show my ID to a Notary Public and have them notarize a statement that I showed them a valid ID.

Neither of these two banks have branches locally, and it will be strictly online banking I’ll be using. This trouble is probably due to my identity being stolen.

I’m going to close my credit card and checking account with the first bank, and try to use the second bank.

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I have had no trouble with my current bank.

When I was 16, the bank I was with tried to charge me £30 per transaction as a fine for going overdrawn (I didn’t even have an overdraft at the time!)

The transactions were about £3 from PayPal/ebay , £5 for a pack of smokes and a few pounds for something else

I shut the account and told them I wasn’t paying their ridiculous fees

My current bank has a good app on my phone, but they shut the branch here

Really sucks.

Many banks are doing it. We used to have 3/4 in my part of town, but they’re all gone now

I feel sorry for people who still need to pay checks and identify themselves - it’snot easy when there isn’t a close by place to go

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Thanks @Joker 151515

I’m with 3 banks right now. One mainstream Belgian bank, an ‘ethical’ online bank an a Spanish savings bank which offers higher interest rates.

In the past I’ve also had accounts with UBS, Citibank and HSBC.

2 years ago there was a fraud with my credit card. Someone on Amazon US used my card for a €800 purchase. Made me paranoid, but I eventually got my money back.

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In Belgium it’s now really easy to open a bank account online. There’s an app ‘itsme’ which proves your identity and information in a secure way. Really practical.

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My bank Lloyds can be funny sods. I get the odd passive aggresive email from them, asking me if i got problems with my finances, cos im in the overdraft, and yet stone me, a couple of weeks later, they say i can increase it.

I have got problems - as per my previous posts, but its with the credit card, not on a silly little £200 overdraft thats always paid off every 2 weeks.

My banking is all done online. Its very rare i use cash.


My cousin was also ‘in the red’ and her bank started threatening her. Not very nice.


Thanks @Jonathan2 @Naarai. It’s really interesting what you said. I was trying to avoid the names of the institutions, though the helpful one was Discover Bank with it’s Discover credit card. I don’t know if they operate outside the US.

I guess I’ll go ahead and say the one that’s screwed up is Capital One.


Oh god yeah. They are one of the worst. As is Vanquis. Stay well away from them. The APR is 39.9 % on them. Mines bad enough at 21 %

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