Bank problems

Last Thursday evening I attemped to open a checking account online. It did it’s thing of asking me questions like the name of the street I lived on in 1984. There was one question that asked which was the closest street to where I live now, and none of them were correct with no choice of None of the Above.

Anyway the online is all screwed up. They charged my credit card $50 for an initial deposit, so I went in to a branch Monday. The account is open now, but I haven’t received the $50 yet.

I’m going to give it a couple of days then dispute the charge if the money isn’t put into my account.


Sometimes it takes a while, but good that you follow it up!


Monday evening I got an email receipt from Walgreens for purchases in Indiana. It showed it was paid for with cash. I live in Arkansas. My Walgreens shopping card is setup for email receipts. I don’t know if I should fuss about someone using my shopping card number or not.

We didn’t have problems like this back in the 1980’s before there were pc’s and everyone went to stores to shop. I wonder if anyone has added up all the lost time and money because of problems with technology of doing things online. I bet if they did it would be more than the old days of paper checks and physically shopping in stores.

In 2018 I checked my bank account and saw a purchase from New York. I’ve never been to New York.

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You absolutely should fight that charge! Otherwise, the person with your info will just keep charging