The US government probably has me on on a terror watch list

I tried to open a credit card online with a bank after opening an account with them Monday. I showed them in person my passport, social security card, and state ID card.

The online software stopped dead in it’s tracks and told me to call them or visit a branch in person. They played me a recording about the bank helping the government fight terrorism and money laundering.

Then they asked if I was a US citizen and did I hold a dual citizenship with a foreign country, and a bunch of other questions. Then they asked me if I know or associate with foreign nationals or support a foreign country or something like that.

Gee, did that ever happen to you for just opening a bank account or applying for a credit card? I know my identity was stolen, the guy I met on Facebook was bad, and the guy back in 2020 gave me some white pride literature. But I guess if government catches a terrorist or something by watching me so much the better.

Also my current bank gave me my social security check on the first instead of the third like normal. When I tried to setup a transfer to my new bank it wouldn’t accept my phone number and said to call them. All they would say is I would have to wait several days for security to accept my phone number and didn’t say anything else.

I wouldn’t sweat it too much @ElGato.

I worked at a bank many moons ago, and we always had to ask silly questions like, “Are you/someone you know a foreign diplomat?”.

Even for a simple checking account.


Thanks @Schztuna

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It just seems like a lot of commotion just to transfer $25 into my new Regions savings account from my checking account with Capital One. If I had a car I think I would just go to the branch and deposit a check.

I’ve been doing online banking, but think I should switch to a bank that has local branches, so I can get change, dollar bills and quarters. The vending machine that does this has been broken for two weeks now.

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