Having one of those little paranoid moments about SZ.com

We all run into them. Reading into other peoples comments. Wondering about what they really meant, blah, blah, blah. You all know the drill.


Hope that ends soon, @77nick77. Sorry you’re dealing with that.

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I get like that now and then, have to sign off and do something else until I have my equilibrium back.

hug tight sorry it’s getting to you tonight.

Usually means for me to take a break from the site. Can be pretty toxic on net and more so the mental health boards so taking a bit of a break makes sense to me. Definitely more to life then sz.com

I know that feeling. I always wonder what people are thinking of me and what it means if they DON’T respond to something I said or if they do respond and I feel like there’s other intent behind the response.

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I’m betting pretty much everyone here likes you, @77nick77, and has no ill intent toward you. :slight_smile: The only people who wouldn’t like you are those who don’t like anyone. I, for one, get a big kick out your posts; you have a great sense of humor.

I used to get a little paranoid about @SP2342, thinking he was actually my ex-gf, spying on me (her initials are SP), but I’m past that. I think it was you who once posted that you had paranoia about me, thinking I was your former boss. I don’t know, maybe that was @flameoftherhine, not sure, it was months ago.

If you need a break from the forum, then you gotta do what you gotta do, though.


Nick, you don’t have to read all the comments.

you’re not a mod.

and not even the mods do that. lol lol lol

Hope you feel better, buddy.

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I actually try to read all the comments in discussions where I post. That is why I usually don’t post when there are more than 50 replies.

Hey @77nick77 I was thinking about you…

:grin: :sweat_smile:

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Yeah it happens a lot to me too - sometimes when people write things i am not sure if they are kidding or not :neutral_face:

Hm, well well, I’m lucky, I don’t get paranoid about anything on the forums, good thing my delusions are religious and not about people spying on me or having Ill feelings.

But I agree with the others who were saying you should take a break if it’s getting to you.

I started getting that feeling only recently when I saw someone who has the same name as the guy who has been harassing me. The harassment isn’t from paranoia. It is real.

I hope you get through this tough time. :slight_smile:

Sorry but that’s not paranoia at all :slight_smile:

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Yeah sometimes I get really worried that there are spies on here etc and they won’t leave me alone. But this is probably the only thing I have left where I feel safe so I try hard to fight that.