Been missing you guys

hi. things for me are progressing but all too slowly.

how are you doing?

i feel like someone set me up to take s___ from all the community’s out of control and angry psychotics because i have sz. i don’t have that kind of psychosis and i am fed up with this situation i have in my community (in “real” life).

hugs to you, judy


I am fine, thank you. I don’t quite understand your message. Hugs to you, too.

hi zoom. my real life community (outside of cyber space) where i work etc. seems to be sending psychosis of the out of control and angry kind my way.

i complained to the proper authorities and am waiting for it to stop.

thanks for the hugs zoom. hugs to you too. judy

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Sending you good vibes your way Judy! :slight_smile:

thank you wave for the good vibes.

i wish i had something in me to give people like right here on the forums to give some good feelings to others only i have so little to give because except on the forums i get so little. you know what i mean?


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