Having a weird day

My voices wont shut up. I keep looking and hallucinating weird things, like mice running across the floor in history class. I was freaking out in my head, and then Aubrey had to make things weirder for me by making me see some pretty gross things…I am just having a strange day. Does anyone else have these days???

There are some days that despite the meds, the therapy, the lack of stress, my head circus is just going to up and play. It hasn’t happened in a long time. It’s usually connected to a very distinct trigger like stress and panic and sorrow. But once in a great while it’s connected to nothing.

How are you managing through? I used to really get knocked for six when my circus played for no reason. But now I can either work through it, or hide in the closet.

yeah i have those days. i don’t hallucinate visually but i do hear voices 24/7. sometimes they can b quiet for months then omnipresent for another few months. stress doesn’t seem to b a factor though, which is odd. it’s more like the quiet that brings them out. the less i do, the more they talk. that seems to b the way with me…or sometimes they just talk whatever i’m doing.

I just try to ignore them, btui it is getting increasingly difficult, and I keep hearing my name called by a boy…

do u hear them outside ur head or inside hunni? mine r all inside my head so at least it’s not confusing for me. xxx

Paranoia is extra bad today, fought it hard when I had to go to the bank. Went and ordered a pizza, paid for it and never picked it up because I felt like they were going to spit in it. Went to the grocery store instead and was being watched and given the evil eye by what I think may have been an undercover cop. I wish they would just mind there own damn business, there are worse things going on than a guy looking paranoid in a supermarket.

hey hang in there psychoticteen i am sorry you are having a bad time.
maybe try to imagine a protective sphere around your self, like white light, within the sphere you are safe.
you may still hear but at least you know you are safe.
take care


hmmm. my sister once told me that, and she is an witch.
i tried doing that, and my voices told me directly that i wouldnt help.

so i now know, that the only place safe is in my bed while i am a sleep.
and yes a good night rest, might reduce on the voices. or at least getting strength too coop with them.

all the best.


@darksith Thank you very much.

@jaynebeal and i hear them both ways XD

i stopped taking my antipstchotic awhile ago. so far so good. i guess my main things are slight paranoia and voices. i dont have that right now. i take 1 mg of klonopin and dont hear voices.

have my own problems though

maybe you could get on klonopin! maybe it would stop it all.

good luck!!

@anon59133895 Im sorry that you are having a rough time, hope things get better for you. I swear to you that this new med Im on is messing with my head a bit. Im having some mild auditory hallucinations, and serious nightmares. I hope it shall pass with me as well - maybe I have to adjust

what medicine are you taking?

I take a lot of different kinds of meds, the new one is another antidepressant/mood stabilizer, Lamictal.
This one makes me too happy (silly - hypomanic) it also has triggered or is causing mild auditory hallucinations to come back and is giving me nightmares and vivid dreams