Very bad night

Tonight is going bad. All my symptoms are on full. My partner asked what she could do or what i needed i just left no shoes and its cold out. She talked me back into the house after about 40 mins. She gave me a valum and ive calmed down some but the voices are so loud i cant…just think about me tonight when you pray to your various gods i would appreciate it.

I will keep you in my thoughts.

Do you want to talk about it?

I pray to them all! Also hold strong!

Their telling me she wants to kill me and she hates the burden ive become snd she wishes id hurry up and die. It feels heartbreaking i love her and i feel like i am a burden i think she might be better off without me and at the same time i feel afraid i knowvshe wouldnt hurt me but thats not how i feel right now.

been there. I have the same kinds of voices telling me the same thing about my GF, the trick is, when they get to be really insistent about it? Go hug her or something. For me close contact works to calm the voices.

Hand in there and don’t let them win, you can fight it, we are pulling for you

I hope you get through it flame.

Im feeling better im in the house playing witcher thats a huge improvement i was def losing for a little bit there.

Thanks for all the suggestions and support.


I’m sorry flame, I can tell you your voice’s intentions are bad, but your partner’s intentions are not. I hope everything works out for you tonight.

Hope things got better in the meanwhile. A big hug

We all feel for you. I think that if your girlfriend thought you were a burden she would let you know.

My roommate started shouting for coffee at 4am just after my meds kicked in and I finally fell asleep. Relations have since been strained. He didn’t like being called an oxygen thief and told to shut his yap.

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@velociraptor Have you come up with any new strategies for sneaking out and acquiring tacos? :grin:

@flameoftherhine I hope you continue to feel better! :two_hearts: