I’m having a bad couple days

I’ve been hearing voices for the past couple days non stop. It’s like they have their own mind an keep talking an harassing me. It sounds so real and I can’t make them stop. I’m exhausted. Any advice please?


Do you have a prn AP? If not, call your pdoc.

I do but that will just mess me up in the morning an I have to work. I do see him soon but we keep increasing meds 500 clozaril an 600 seroquel but it’s not helping

These voices keep trying to make me say ceazyvshit so they can record me an make me look like a bad person. I just want silence.

try taking some benadryl the diphenhydramine in it will help you go to sleep. usually works for me so just my suggestion

The only thing that gave me a bit of relief from voices was to distract myself with some labor intense (cleaning usually)task.

If my focus could stick to the task at hand, the voices tend to take a backseat and wait until I had their full attention.

Keep the mind busy leaves not much time to listen.

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I’m so tired it’s physically making me sick.

The second I lay down to sleep the get even more intense.

hmm… maybe try doing a bunch of jumping jacks or your fav calisthenic to raise your blood pressure so after you get calmed down you feel sleepy and be able to crash out

When I hear voices I listen to music. I find it helps to shut them up.

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