Haven't smoked hash in 1 week and a half

Thanks. Gotta do it.

I think most people agree that cigs don’t give enough of a “benefit” to warrant the damage they do. You might feel good and chatty for 5-10 minutes, but my god.

When I smoked, especially in the last few years, I regretted lighting my cig sooner and sooner, near the end it was right after my first puff. My lungs hurt and I got so sick of the smell.

Once you are off for a month or two you can just cut it out of your life. I beseech you to do this if you can! You’ll save so much money. I’m going on my 16th month without cigs after 10 years of smoking.

I eat so much better now lol, cuz I got money.


Thanks @agent101g I’ll try. At the moment I’m smoking less due to vaping aswell. But I need to quit…

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I know it might be annoying having people hound you, but as a recent quitter I sometimes feel it’s my duty to throw my two cents in, I apologize if I came off pushy.

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No probs. It’s a good reminder.

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Haven’t smoked MJ in 3 weeks. :muscle:


That’s impressive man your almost through the gauntlet

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It’s been almost a year without weed.

I had hallucinations on it


I had a court ordered rehab

Got me clean by age 19

Only relapsed on weed once and cocaine when I was 23

But the most effective thing was cutting out the people in my life who were users

Not able to have access to this stuff now

Sometimes I read the news articles from back in the day and many of them had the law catch up with them

A few were dead before they even reached 21


Good going @dreamer54!

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You can do it broo


If you are counting the days, then are you really counting the days to when you have it again?

Cannabis may not be physically addictive, but psychological dependence is a heavy influence on people’s lives.

How to rid the need to smoke again altogether is the question?

A key motivator for you could be that if you want to lower and eventually get off meds then smoking cannabis is a no-no.

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Hey @Joker did you manage to make new friends who don’t use?

Nope. They gutted what friends I had and I was never able to get as far as re-building.

I did reconnect in my early 20’s with a family I knew when I was at Catholic school, but that friendship got ruined due to my poor behaviour due to positive symptoms.

Never thought much of being hospitalised a few times between 16 and 18, so when it came back there was no drugs to blame, and it got diagnosed as sz. (It was drug-induced psychosis)

Have been unable to do much towards improving it.

To be fair, most of these ‘friends’ were only really interested in helping me use my supply of drugs

Very exploitative.

The gangs who’s supplied my local town in the whole of the 2000’s and a bit before were ruthless

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I bought £50 of cannabis from a dealer who knocked on my door selling it on Saturday lunchtime. And spent the last three and half days smoking it. In that time as well as getting really high I blocked a phone call from Cornwall NHS foundation trust and added their number to my blocked list.

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I’m glad you haven’t smoked but I wish you would reconsider the med reduction to zero. I think it is a bad idea. A lot of people have this feeling when they are well. I don’t understand the need to mess with a good thing. I was so terrified of my symptoms I never want to change my meds. I take them on time too.
I cannot recommend what you do with your thc concerns, since I don’t follow the norm in this circumstance. I would suggest that you go without if you can do so or especially if you experience positive symptoms.

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I don’t experience positives. It’s my doc who will have the last word about quitting meds. I really want them out of my system.

It’s very strange to me people want the thing that is holding them together out of their system. I’ve seen this before and I am only a new member. But the phenomena is real.
I don’t mean to dismiss your intentions, I hope you do well :slight_smile:

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