Haven't seen a friend or relative long time

Despite my wish, my brother refuses to see me or let me see his child, who I didn’t see for year and half.
Over fifthy calls, and he answered maybe twice.

Other then him, last time I saw people was last saturday, ten minutes at my neighbours apt.
It was his son birthday party, and I got the cake.

I noticed change in my behavior…
I started to curse. Never happened this twenty years of illness. Guess I must find friends, since I’m loosing it…


I think it´s healthy to have friends and people to talk to…

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Not trying to be nosey but do you and your brother not get along or is it bc of your illness?

My family doesn’t have anything to do with me bc of my sz. They make fun of me.


No, he doesn’t see me as person he can’t get money from me.
He was last saturday with his son at my aunt’s, to take 150 $…
I wrote him it disgusts me.

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Oh gosh that’s sad @anon25523312 sorry.

I have trouble making friends I feel socially awkward so I understand. I haven’t had 1 friend in over 3 years.

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Friends are always in minority…
I just finished with one who gets me on speaker while watching TV :neutral_face:

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That’s so sad @anon25523312
I don’t really get along with my brother either.
He went ape shitt on me the other day in his car.
He’s got a wicked temper


We were never close…
I just hoped he could remember how modestly we lived when my mother was sick…


Hugs to you @anon25523312 .

I only have a few friends and I met them when I was in the military. They don’t judge me because of all the crazy stuff that they’ve been through.


Thanks @Montezuma @dreamer54 @Turtle42 @Wave


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