Havent been online a WHILE

I now have to have a psychological assessmemt whatever that means. usually when i see the pdoc i talk about my meds but now i gotta talk about the whole affects from when i first started hearing and seeing voices and faces, to previously seeing them.

its distressing cos ive got to wait til 7th jan to talk about the nextg stage of my life. and im gettting anxious about it all because i dont know if they feel im deluded etc, cos they were saying why didnt i call the police and why didnt i tell other poeople about my family etc.

they dont understand that my family were like the sopranos or even worse than them. how can someome get an injunction against their mother,m if their dad woulld just contimue it or theoir brother or their sister s i couldnt get an injuction against all of them cos i didnt have police reports on any of them.

im so frustrated cos i dont wanna talk about it x

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