Haven’t ranted for a minute😅

So… I’m feeling kind of sad and annoyed… I wanna go on a “babymoon” with my husband (a trip you go on before you have your baby) just on a road trip or something to the next state over… but my husband thinks we need to bring his son along with us🙄 ugh… like the whole point is to spend one on one time together before the baby comes… cause then we really won’t have any alone time. I already booked the hotel but it’ll let you cancel and get a refund as long as you cancel two days before your stay… my husband brought up the idea of bringing his son with us again last night and I finally was just like “you two go on a trip together then” >_< I seriously feel like ever since I got pregnant, all he wants to do is spend time with his son.

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My baby’s daddies went on a babymoon to NYC and saw some Broadway shows.

They said it was great to have some bonding before the life long commitment of parenthood.

You should stand your ground.

This is not about kids.

This is about being away from kids, specifically.

You and your husband seem to not be on the same page a lot.

He’s not made you a priority throughout your pregnancy,

Even before you were pregnant.

I don’t know.

Seems wrong.


Exactly… I don’t know why my husband “feels bad” about not bringing his son with us… he’s been on every trip we have taken over the last year or more…

And if we do take my step son, my husband expects that we base the whole trip around him. Which is total BS, if you ask me.

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Your husband isn’t being sensitive to your situation or needs.

What’s wrong with the kid going to his mother’s for a little bit?

I don’t even know what to say.

He’s being inconsiderate of you while you’re pregnant.

That’s really messed up.


I have no clue why he can’t go to his moms for a bit🙄

My husband is pretty inconsiderate.

Idk, I’m just not gonna bother trying to get him to feel good about going on a trip, just the two of us. He should be excited to go on a trip just us two, but he isn’t apparently.


I see it.

You have every reason to be upset.

He just doesn’t seem to care.

That’s not good.

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Yeah… :upside_down_face:

Glad to know I’m not overreacting, cause I think it’s crap he doesn’t wanna go with just me

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It is crap.

I’m sorry you’re going through this at such a sensitive time.

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that is so wrong. :frowning:

have you told him how you feel about that?

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Yes, then he twists the whole thing, like I’m the bad guy.



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that is unfair of him to do that He has some unrealistic, unfair expectations of you,

hope his attitude changes with time

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Holy sh*t,
I just confronted my husband about him not wanting to go on the trip with just me and so I told him I was gonna cancel the hotel and all he says is “take your mom”

Like seriously??

I refuse to give my child my husbands last name

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