Have your voices ever made you smile?

Have your voices ever made you smile? Either because they’re being nice or funny?

Lately I only hear three recurring voices.

I hear one voice that only ever really says things that I enjoy, Eve. She either says really nice things or really creepy things that are weirdly hilarious.

She often tells me she loves me, that I’m beautiful, I’m cute or I’m amazing.

She also says the aforementioned extremely bizarre stuff. From memory she’s said “I want your face”, “I can’t see color,” “I hate drugs,” and my personal favorite, “Have you seen my eyes?”. Bizarre, but really amusing too.

My other voice, Johnny, is hit or miss. He’s mostly a jerk nowadays but in the past he’s told me he loves me, told me I looked cute when I looked in the mirror, told me I’m funny and smart.
I used to have a mean voice called Judy (Judy and Johnny? Anyone get the old song reference?), but I don’t hear from her anymore, and I think he’s kind of taken over as the source of mean voices. That being said, I still hear an “I love you” from him every now and then.

My third voice is just a genderless whisper. I call them Barney, which is a reference to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They’re also hit or miss, but they’re much nicer than Johnny. More I love yous or complimenting me. They often appear when I’m crying and provide comforting words.

What about you guys?

I figured out that all my nice voices were just my imagination. The only voices I have now are punishing., call me a liar, selfish, irresponsible, sz (in a hostile way), careless, and courting disaster.

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My voices are sometimes nice and sometimes mean ive laughed at what theyve said also my mom really thought I was crazy laughing at nothing

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yea I used to be able to sense my voice’s sense of humour and it was absolutely hilarious. I would be laughing uncontrollably in the staff meeting at work for example.

I always find it interesting how people actually name their voices.

I guess because mine have always been real life people so yea that may be why…


I hear two voices mostly, old friend from high school and one old online buddy from high school — their names are Bailey and Maria, Bailey thinks I still smoke pot and wants to befriend all my inner circles of friends and promote himself by making me look like a drug addict that lives under a bridge… Maria is usually the one that constantly bugs me for money, if I don’t give her any she threatens to use witchcraft on me – she’s hell bent on thinking I’m rich…
Then, of course the duality of good and evil — voices of angels and demons…

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They also make me laugh inappropriatly for no reason. I look crazy.


Yeah. When I am in a good mood, they are too.

But I am mostly stressed out by my headache. It’s a grind.


When I had voices they were all nasty.

A nice word never came from them.

I had voice and moans of friends and family and some strangers.

Unfortunately they never made me smile.
They only tortured me.

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Yes most definitely.

They have a lot of wit and if I agree with the comments contextually, I think they’re ■■■■■■■ hilarious in a tragic kinda way


My voices started at terrifying and went downhill from there. If they’ve ever made me smile it would be the kind of smile that curdles one’s blood and has you scoping out the exit. Good thing for having a poker face.

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I smiled one time when a voice told me a goose would duel me.

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I’ve never heard voices, but whoever said “Sometimes the paranoids have real enemies” caused me a lot of anxiety.

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They can make me laugh or cry. Usually a weird kinda humor.

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One of the voices told me that I ‘can do anything that I set my mind to’ the other day. I am still shocked that a voice said something nice to me.


Really sorry to hear so many of us have voices that only do us harm. It really makes me wonder what about a person dictates what kind of things they hear. I had my therapist suggest to me that maybe my male voice was such a jerk because my dad isn’t very nice to me.

Whatever the reason is, I hope those of you who replied saying your voices are only cruel can one day get to a point where that isn’t the case, or ideally, maybe get to a point where they don’t bother you. I wish the best for you all. You’re all amazing.

Yes but it’s not a good thing. The more kind of I can’t take this anymore and I’m losing my mind entirely kind of smiling. Although when I think back on some of the stupid hallucinations I’ve seen like this guy looking like an ancient god with a stick wand and then he slammed it on the ground and I had a weird pain feeling in my leg at the same time. Hilarious now but now then.

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They make me laugh for no reason and ppl think I am laughing at them and that I am crazy. My family Dr got mad at me and asked me if I was laughing at him. Idk why I thought he was Santa, he has white hair…

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