Have your symptoms improved as you have gotten older?

Hey guys as above, on a personal level, my positive symptoms have almost gone, but my negatives have gotten worse i have had schizophrenia for 25 years,i got it when i was 20 years of age, i am now 46, i feel that my illness has burnt itself out as the years go by, thoughts?

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Not really. Last summer when I switched AP’S to Abilify, I started with 5mg. My symptoms were back to where they were in 2008 when I was unmedicated.

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Well, my symptoms have become easier to manage. I’m not really seeing a reduction, but I am seeing a better response to my meds, if that makes sense.


I hear ya, not sure if im just getting used to the symptoms or they are just less!

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I become less sleepy, more tolerant of the side effect of anti-psychotic.

It is good to hear your mental health has improved over the years.

Ive accepted my quirks - and my dx, and that just makes it easier. I was very ill before i was medicated - so im almost a different person. Material things like getting housing security from it helped.

My life aint too bad anymore.

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I would say that negative and positive symptoms have improved, but social functioning hasn’t improved anywhere near as much.

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Negatives were atrocious starting out. Had psychomotor retardation. But positives got worse. Dp/dr went away. 2-3 delusions turned into thousands. Paranoia went through the roof. Anxiety and panic attacks went away.

Cognitive decline is stabilizing. Probably lost 1-1.5 sd or 15- 30 iq points approx. Still at 120s approx. But i have lots of defecits.

Not being in agony and hell anymore everyday is nice. Been schizo 9+ years. Got it at 22 and am 31 now…

All my symptoms got better over the years. I don’t experience any symptoms anymore on meds.

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All symptoms got better on meds, negative and cognitive symptoms are slowly improving.

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I had to get to a very relatively advanced age, 56 years old, for my positive symptoms to improve. I still have negative and cognitive symptoms.

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