Have you tried Prozac, how did you like it?

I spoke with my doctor’s secretary and she said apparently my doctor is doing phone appointments so he’s going to call me on Wednesday and it’s time for me to try a new morning medication.

I tried Zoloft it did not help.

I wanna try Prozac, does anyone have experience with it?

But when I tried Escitalopram it did nothing (Celexa, Cipralex) it’s also an SSRI.

I’ve heard @TomCat mention that he uses it.

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I can’t go on like this, I have to figure out a solution. I’m almost wishing I’d die from COVID-19.

Talk to him about the fact you doubled your AP a few days ago and felt better.

Did you order any of those supplements from this thread

I hope your doctor can help you on wednesday.

No I didn’t double my dose, I only took it that day. I think Xanax is not working for the intrusive thoughts but it’s making me sleepy. The only reason my health got so bad is I’m no longer exercising, the gym was a huge help. I was exercising like 2hours day, it was helping my intrusive thoughts. I’m thinking of buying a machine for my house, I don’t have space to put it. I’m so overwhelmed by these thoughts, they consumed my life.

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It does sound serious.

That’s what I meant. If that worked so well then tell your doctor.

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You’re right. I’m going to take a pen and paper and write my thoughts down and questions so when my doc calls on Wednesday we can discuss what to do.

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No good for me but I’ve never really taken to ssri’s and tried probably 4. I found effexor to work but it’s a little different in how it interacts with brain chems.

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I tried Celexa and Zoloft, both didn’t work. I think I’m ready to increase my antsych 80 x 80. I think it will work best. My best healthiest time was when I was on Zeldox 80 x 80 in 2014. So I have solid experience with it. Not gonna hurt to try it again.

It seems like you have extreme OCD, checkout my OCD supplements thread.

For intrusive thoughts I suggest NAC with cofactors. Its best for that. Tulsi helps you to calm the mind so useful if anxious.

You can also try myo inositol if you have very serious persistent intrusive thoughts. The problem with it is it disrupts your short term memory. So if you not care about short term memory and want to end intrusive thoughts at any cost then try it. Instant effects. From anxious to super happy.

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I tried prozac years ago, didnt really work for me!

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I think I tried Prozac once. That’s an SSRI I believe. Antidepressant I think. It made me psychotic. I only took one and threw the rest away. I take Wellbutrin. It works much better. I take it in the morning. They make an extended release tab in 300 mg. I used to take two 150 mg twice a day but that was a pain. The one in the morning is much better. I think the maximum dose is 450.


I’m on 100 mg Wellbutrin. I need to find something for intrusive thoughts

i have tried prozac once when i was 17 after my mother died it did well to me and before 5 years when i was sad for my ilness.

at 2 time i took it it didnt do nothing .

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