Supplements for OCD


Here is a list of supplements which is very useful for reducing obsessive compulsive disorder aka OCD tendencies.

NAC with cofactors like selenium and molybdenum. I find doctors best brand’s ‘Doctor’s Best NAC Detox Regulators’ very useful for OCD. I tried NAC from another brand too ‘Now Foods’ without the cofactors and can’t notice anything so I recommend choosing the doctor’s best brand only particularly if using for reducing OCD.

Effects it give is it reduces inattention, increases information processing speed and thus reduces hyperfocus and stuck states which is contributing to OCD obsessions.

Holy Basil aka Tulsi. Its available in both tea and capsule form. Both useful. If looking for a suitable brand then choose Organic India as they have a vast range of products based on Tulsi and also their Tea have strong concentration of Tulsi. Make sure to choose Tulsi alone type and not with added ingredients and flavors.

Effects: It calms the mind and thus help to think clearly thus reduces impulsiveness.

TMG or Trimethylglycine. Choose 500 mg per day as suitable dose. Tested with Swanson TMG.

Effects: It acts like a mood improving drug due to its ability to create serotonin in brain just like SSRI but without any side effects of SSRI like sexual dysfunction, memory problems, fatigue etc instead it actually improves libido, memory and energy levels. It reduces compulsion part of OCD and thus help to quickly get rid of OCD thoughts from mind and very useful for reducing anxiety.

There might be more such supplements and will update this thread after testing. If anyone find some useful supplements, herbs for OCD please share.

Thank you


Omega 3 fatty acids is a must to take supplement for all. It improves cognition especially working memory. It helps to visualize in mind. It helps to dream at night which is an indication that it activates the mind and helps to form memories, refresh memories etc.

I tested various brands of omega 3 and found this supplement most useful. Now Foods Omega 3. Its also cheap too when compared with others. Only need to take 1 per day preferably along with a fatty food like milk for maximum absorption. Best time to take it is with breakfast as its a stimulating supplement and might interfere with sleep if take close to bed time.

TMG is optional and not a must to try supplement. Also instead of TMG can try DMG. Effects is almost similar and DMG is a better choice if planning to take daily. TMG and DMG is best for workouts and muscle recovery after intensive workouts. It oxygenates cells and thus improves energy for workout and also increased oxygenation helps to recover muscles fast. These have various benefits like improving mood, increasing libido and much more.

Phosphatidylserine soy version from doctor’s best brand.

Specifically mentioning the brand as other brand version may not give same cognitive results. It basically improves working memory. Especially it help to hold information in mind while doing activities thus it help to better ignore distractions. If test with working memory games like dual n back you can get a better score.

OCD is basically due to low working memory. For example If do one activity or think about something mind goes blank for every other thought, urge etc. So if some distraction come then that distraction disrupts the main activity and need to restart, redo and appear like OCD compulsion. Not every OCD is due to low working memory but if its the case then this supplement can be helpful to better manage OCD issues.

Its a stimulating supplement so need to take it earlier part of the day to avoid affecting night sleep.

inosital helped me alot like a b vitamin i think probly safe

I also tried inositol and it works great for OCD but affects memory very badly especially working memory. Not remember what did few minutes ago. This like serious memory issues can develop from inositol. Others who tried this also reported similar experience.

Taking TMG (anything more than 175mg is too much here), and B8/Inositol. Both helping a lot.

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Inositol creates memory problems. Have you not noticed it? Like forgetting what did few minutes ago.

Here is a suitable stack for OCD.


Take this early morning preferably before having breakfast.

Have green tea pure version in between meals to feel more mental alertness.

Inositol has no history of creating memory problems, but APs are well known to create memory problems.

Yes AP definitely create memory problems as it affects dopamine directly. Serotonin improving drugs too impair memory as it reduces dopamine indirectly. Inositol, SSRI, zinc all comes under this category.

I like to add one more useful supplement for OCD which I recently tried its Taurine. Iniital effects I noticed is a sense of calmness, its like a fully body relaxation like magnesium but it doesn’t create drowsiness. This state of mind reduces OCD symptoms.

Taurine can be found in many energy drinks but energy drinks is bad as it contains lot of caffeine, sugar and other ingredients. Taurine can be found in many foods like meat, fish, dairy products etc.