Have you lost your mind a lot?

I’m not too grounded in the reality and my cognitive/social functioning isn’t always on par with people. I think I lose my mind a lot and my mind is like a machine that’s just broken and sending me strange thoughts and ideas randomly. I feel like the least centered person around. Other times, I feel I could just “snap to” and start living a more normal life. I guess I got to have some hope to cling to, when delusions have made many of my decisions in life. But, it’s not a delusion if it all really happened.

I lose my mind under certain triggers. Its annoying but just gotta adapt.

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I couldn’t find my way to the waiting room from my father’s doctors office yesterday.
The office staff started laughing at me.

They thought it was funny.

It’s a cruel world.

My wife picks at me at times for being inconsistently observant. I always forget something everywhere I go even if it’s super important. My memory is absolutely terrible. I lose it moderately often but nobody really tends to notice or care.

I never had one…crazy from the start.

Hi I’ve come back to this thread because I feel uncomfortable what I wrote up there. I said one ‘just’ adapts. It’s not really easy to ‘just’ adapt. I mean I haven’t found a way to deal with Depersonalisation.

I lost my mind once in a while,I will be so stress that I drive around aimlessly.


But I’m lucky to have managed to find it again though.

That kind of situations make me feel really angry.

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