You ever lose days?

for a few days, maybe weeks, it’s hard to tell, i become paranoid and angry. avoid sleep and feel the need to “get things done”.

then i guess i run out of gas. don’t know where my mind goes or if it’s asleep, but it’s not sorting out things like time, hunger, hygiene. this goes on for a few days, maybe weeks, it’s hard to tell.

can’t remember the last time i had control of anything.

Sounds like mania to me. I’ve kinda been riding on a similar wave the past few days myself. I’ve long since lost track of what the date is and my sleep has been erratic.

kinda makes you think,

what would these symptoms be like if we were living in the past

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Want to hear something trippy? We are all living in the past, just ever so faintly. It takes a few split seconds for reality to be processed by our eyes and brain, so what we’re actually seeing right now has already happened, but barely. Still though…kinda crazy.



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