Have you heard of Jacob Bowman?

Guy is super sweet. I watched some of his videos - he is doing it for a few years now - and I follow him on instagram.
Maybe some of you would like to check it out.
Lol he oftenly gets comments like " marry me Jacob!".
Anyways, its a brave thing to go out like this and actually teach people how to deal with stuff.


Sorry, I’m only commenting in this to let you know that I think you look really pretty in your new picture. :wink:


It’s like an advert for seroquel, the med that nearly killed me.

Lol…:joy: ok thanks bunny!

This video makes me been more afraid to take meds.

Idk…people are responding very well at his you tube channel, he has so much followers and he helps people by sharing his experience for years…
Of course he’s not a professional or a doc just someone who has sz but is stable and strong enough to make a video journals about his struggle.

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I just mean because of side effects. But yes, he has a great channel.

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Great guy. Thanks for finding him.

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Yeah, I 've watched some of his video blogs on YouTube. Also, I remember seeing a segment on the CBS news program 60 Minutes a couple years ago that included an interview with Jacob Bowman.

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ive been subscribed to him for a while

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@Sarad We should invite him over here.

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I think he’s a cool guy but he doesn’t think the things he says through

How do you mean?

We should send him an official invitation @metime :sunglasses: :love_letter:

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Hehehe!!! :wink: :wink:

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He once instructed his viewers ‘not to make friends’. He has also made some some statements that generalized sz’s as all being able to cope using his lifestyle.

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