Have you had elaborate delusional memories?

This is the type of delusion my sister has been having.
I’m interested to know how common it is to have delusional memories?
She has been having the psychosis of believing her new boyfriend and her were together in a past life and they rode horses she had a white horse, and she fell and lost their first child that he hated her forever and gave her seven blond children by rape and also killed her with a torch and set her on fire in the barn and then tried to get her to the lake where she was dead before she got To the lake
She has had memories of abuse which we can prove did not happen. Very bizarre ideas.
She is reasoning with herself that she was hypnotised by her new boyfriend. And is having memories one after another weeks after the party They were at.
I have once had a delusion of rape, but my mum said I had not described it like that at the time (when I spoke about it). I believe her.
Wondering where you would put 10 days of this on a severity scale?
I don’t believe it is possible that the alcohol she has been drinking for so many years caused such an enduring delusional spell.
Anyone with experience of late onset schizophrenia I would be glad to hear from as well. She is 35.
She had 2 schizophrenic sisters. The only real co morbid thing she has had with alcohol is depression very severe especially over the last three months. could this be a prodrome?

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I got psychosis first at 37. I didn’t have any delusional memories, though. I got psychosis after being treated for major depression for eight years, and I have always wondered if long term use of SSRIs caused the problem. I had major and many delusions. I was abused as a child, and suffered other trauma, so those weren’t delusions.

Also, btw, late onset schizophrenia has a better longterm outlook than earlier onset.

hmmm i have had many false memories all feeding into specific delusions. i would say ur sister is highly delusional and needs to seek professional help. if she wont there is not a lot u can do as she doesn’t sound like she’s a danger to herself or anyone else at this point in time. broach the subject with her and c what she says. let us know the outcome. good luck. xxx

Thanks for your replies
I have emailed the detox unit, in case they need to know anything
I am going to have to trust the process
Have no control over the outcome
Hoping it was just a nervous breakdown

I have a late onset. Never have delusional false memories. Right before my onset, I was receiving hypnotherapy and spiritual response therapy for treatment of some traumatic events. There are regression therapy. They have a lot of people who can tell about past life stories and see the visuals with a little suggestive technique. They firmly believe in that. Many hear voices and believe they are angels/souls/high self /god talking to them. As long as they dont lose control, they consider this a spiritual journey or spiritual growth.

I don’t get that kind of stories but it still resulted in a psychotic episode in me. They are a lot of people who by all means tried to induce an alternate state of consciousness. They consider it beneficials and therapeutic. I experienced the therapeutic benefits. It seems to work somehow. But I pay a high price and got to know my brain can give me every kind of experience in tune with the messages it wants me to believe in.

To me, subconscious, dreams, past lives, near death experience, spiritual experience and that kind of stuff are closely related to psychosis. You just don’t know if the operating system of the subconscious would take over u and get out of control.

I think any sudden, new set of belief systems which are against the main beliefs of your origins can be classed as psychosis
That is the medical model anyway