Urgent help / advice for sister with psychosis

I have been trying to get my sister to have hope around a very deep depression she’s had for the last 3 months. Seems she’s now gone delusional.
She’s had about 8 pints today - makes the out of hours GP say that they can’t do anything if she is Under the influence.

Clare has threatened to never speak to me again if i tell anyone about it especaially mum

she has been talking today about repressed memories about my dad and a paedophile ring - him raping her - but she then said she still had her hymen when she had sex

She believes that her and I were ritually shaved by my dad and his friend and that the last time anything happened she was too old and that’s why she remembers it.

She says she said to mum on the phone 'dad abused me - three words. Dad, Richard Shaving." to which mum put the phone down

she is laying it on that she cant trust me enough not to tell mum
i feel sworn to secrecy

mum spoke to her when i was worried about Clare being suicidal - because she has all the risk factors - trauma age 3 when she held my mum’s hand when she was raped by a homeless guy in her own house. And many rapes and beatings since.

She is now saying that the guy she has been ish beginning a relationship with has been telling her she’s psychic and so is he and he put her in a trance using gypsy words. That they had known stuff about my husband and I by speaking to the same gypsy. She says she knows that her and Stuart the guy have been married in past lives and that he appologised last time she saw him for raping her and then she says that she told him that he’d killed her by setting her alight and she’d left the barn because she didn’t want her 7 children to have nightmares, that she had been riding with him and her white horse had thrown her off and she lost their first born child was still born and he was angry and killed the horse and raped her all the time.

I told this to an out of hours gp and she said no team will assess while she’s drunk
police can be called and take her to a holding cell safe place and then the team can assess in the morning, if she is willing.

She has talked about going back to london and not having anything to do with us and has been so distressed she’s talked about leaving the country.

She says she tried to hang herself when she was 8 and mum did nothing.

She has been drinking first thing in the morning all over Christmas

how long does it take for 8-10 pints to become sober again if you have the kind of tollerance to drink that much pretty often? - she used to drink 2 bottles of wine to herself every evening but that was a while ago - binging all over christmas on booze, throwing up food, starving herself totally, eating a few bites a day.
I can call the crisis team in the morning. I don’t want to involve mum because of the trust issue
i have not told mum
my husband now needs to sleep - he has work at 4.30 am I’m scared to sleep in case she goes out to get more drink and drinks herself to death

I have never seen anyone cry like that - i don’t think it’s a false memory this stuff about dad but it’s news to me.


she needs help but she also needs to ’ want to seek help ’ .
lots of people remember things later on in life, particularly trauma, it is common.
it is horrible what she has witnessed and been through, but she needs to find someone she can trust , to talk about these things.
take care


Your sister sounds very delusional. All the stories she’s telling sound very unplausable (unbelievable) - and to be honest sound a lot like a lot of the delusions that some people talk about on our discussion forums here.

It sounds like you’re in the UK. They have good treatment options there - but the sooner you can get your sister into treatment the better the likely outcome. Like any illness - the sooner it gets treated, the better.

I recommend you contact the emergency hotline at the RETHINK group and discuss with them what you’ve posted here and get them to suggest some course of action:

Remember - its important to get help / treatment as soon as possible.

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I know that jail is not where you want her to be but it may be safer for her right now. I would think that if she displayed psychotic symptoms while in a holding cell that they would have her evaluated under a 72 hour hold but I don’t know the system where you live. Balancing trust and safety can be hard. I think your mum would want to know what is happening. There is a big possibility that the memories she is talking about are delusions.