Have you experienced tray during your weight loss during a régimen?

Have you experienced a tray during a regimen ? I have lose 17,5 kilos in a row since the end of february and now since 3 days my weight IS stable AT 120,5 kg. And i have not more eat and i have counted my calories and do my walk of 90 minutes a day…
Thanks for your answers please ?.

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“Trough”, “Plateau”.

I experienced a cookie tray loaded with chocolate chip cookies last week and it was not helpful.

Delicious, though.


Yes plateau…151515151515


Yes. When I was losing weight, after about 3 months of losing weight, I plateaued for about a month. Then I started losing again. Over the course of the year I was trying to lose weight, I plateaued a few times.

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You have done a fantastic job - I think you’re one of the go to’s here for inspiration now.


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Yes, my weight has been the same for a month now.

It happens.

You can lower your calories per day.

This website shows you how many calories you should be eating to lose weight :

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Thanks so much @ozymandias !

Unfortunately, after taking Invega and mirtazapine for 6 months, I gained 50 pounds (22.67 kg) of the 100 pounds (45.36 kg) I lost. I have been having a really hard time getting back to the diet I did to lose that 100 pounds. It was hard to do and I was hungry all the time. I do plan to eat healthy but I’m not ready to commit to 1200 calories per day again like I did before.

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I think that is more reasonable, to be honest.

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Yeah. I had a lot of health problems and got it in my head I needed to lose all the excess weight in the shortest time possible. While I did get off all those meds, and revered high cholesterol, high lipids, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, it was at the cost of obsessing over weight and hunger. With my current weight, I now need a BP med again, but I just got tested and I have no diabetes yet so that’s a good thing.


Thanks you and i like américan people !.

I find it impossible to lose weight when I take the antipsychotic.
A few months ago I went to a nutritionist. She told me that she had to control the portions.
The first day I ate less than I had to eat, until after finishing dinner all the hunger of the whole day accumulated and she gave me a binge at 11 pm.
For this reason I hope that the new antipsychotics (karxt, ulotaront, etc) will not have, in the future, at least this side effect.
It would help me enormously.

No need to be insulting.



It’s not an insult for french to tell you that !.

Thanks for the link…

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