Does the Weight gain ever plateaus

Unfortunately I am from the few who struggle with continous weight gain in this forum I hope that I can find a listening ear. I have tried everything to control my weight since my 2nd episode last year… nothing helped except following a keto diet which stabilized My weight not decreasing it.

Now I am tired of following keto for one year … its a really strict diet and I am fed up with it.

My question is does the weight gain ever plateaus if you follow a regular diet?

I read some of you guys posting that weight will eventually plateau after a while as the body adjusts to medications . Is that true ?

To say this strait. Some meds are the reason for the weight gain or inability to slim. This is especially the case with Al those antipsychotics that came after 1989. I’ve used Seroquel for 10 years and I’ve grown a big belly because of that meds. So today I’ve decid d to tapper down to 200 mg in the next two month and then I hope to loose my belly.

Olanzapine which I am on slows down the metabolism and increases appetite. It is possible to counter it, but it probably takes some excersise and watching what you eat. Eating smaller and healthy meals should help. It’s really hard at first because you get hungry, but eventually the body adapts to getting less food than it is used to.

I plateaued at 290-300lb years ago, I just go up and down by 10lb. 5mg risperidone.

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