Have you ever thought who would miss you

Have you ever thought who would miss you if you died today? When I lived in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in America, I often had suicidal thoughts and I wondered if anybody missed me if I died. I am glad that my will to survive won and now after 20 years I would think that some people would miss me. I am glad to be alive and enjoy this warm summer night.


I’ve thought about that and I have come to the conclusion that in real life nobody would miss me.

For some reason it doesn’t bother me.


I used to think about that. Back when I was 17, my much older stepsister told me no one would come to my funeral if I died because no one cared about me. It hurt very deeply. Now I don’t want a funeral so I can avoid the humiliation. I do have a few people I think I’m pretty sure would come, but I don’t have much value in this world. Most people are very mean to me.

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My sister would probably miss me, and a few close friends. Beyond that, I’m not very social

Same here @everhopeful @Zannah. There’s not many people that would miss me if I died, and I’m just preplanned with a direct cremation with no funeral or memorial service.


I think a few friends and my family would.

No one will miss me when I die.


That’s so sad. I feel bad that so many people, including myself, who only have a few people behind them in life. Relationships are so important. I don’t think people can go on without them


It’s just my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece now. Everyone in my original family has died except for an uncle and three cousins. Thanks Pianogal


This question is tear mongering, it’s not really an important thing its just something that you can think about to get emotional about. either you will think about those who will miss you and feel sad or you will think nobody will miss you and feel sad. either way the question just serves to make you feel sad.

I think it is an important thing as it’s sort of an indication of how alone and isolated people may be feeling.

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i just think these kinds of questions are not helpful and people should stick with affirmational statements that strengthen their individuality

this type of question to me is like poisoning the well of individuality with “what others think about you”

even if others think good things about you, it should ultimately be your opinion of yourself that matters

i think the fact that the thought comes from a suicidal mindset is enough of an argument against it.

No one would miss me when I die. I’m basically trash.

I’m not worried about who would miss me… more like how would they even find out I passed?

So many of my friends don’t have contact with any of my family or live far away that I don’t know how they’d even hear the news

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I went through a period just a few years ago when I thought I would die alone. I could just picture myself laying alone in some hospital bed dying with no visitors and no one to comfort me. I told my sisters and they assured me I wouldn’t die alone. But I’m not so sure.

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Maybe my father. In general I think that I will be forgotten fast.

My parents, and then it was like I was never here… poof :wind_face:

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