Psychiatric Genocide: Nazi Attempts to Eradicate Schizophrenia, Forced Sterilization: a Stain on California

Psychiatric Genocide: Nazi Attempts to Eradicate Schizophrenia

Forced Sterilization: a Stain on California


The whole Nazi shebang came from California, the entire eugenics movement…grand old USA born and raised. Basically a california concept lead to the holocaust. But…no of course this wouldn’t happen in our golden nation of beautiful ideas we totally made a mockery of.

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Wow, african-americans were slaves, jews were holocaust victims. And we were sterelized and holocaust victims. They need to make a museum for us and our struggle. I still don’t really care and don’t feel like the world owes me some compensation. 10% of us kill ourselves…that is a crime…where is the priority for better treatment options?

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serious crimes are happening every single day all over the US right NOW against people with mental illnesses forcing people through court order or in institutions to take medication that they do not want to take in many cases violently should be considered assault and battery and is if the person is “normal” but if you are mentally I’ll this crime is acceptable . sometimes physical restraint is necessary but chemical restraint is not and that persons choice about what they do with their own body and whether or not they want to alter their body should be respected !

I am not a fan of California. Now I have even more reasons to dislike them.

Right on brother/sister. Let’s have more people in rags roaming the streets and eating out of garbage cans. The sweet nobility of untreated psychosis.

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It’s near on impossible to get the balance right, but if their was a definitive biological test maybe court appointed treatment with due process would work.

I can see what your saying someone diagnosed with cancer can refuse treatment, but someone with a mental illness can have it forced upon them as we apparently lack capacity.

The whole system in my view in the UK is perverse, as it is abroad and perhaps should be explained earlier! Otherwise it comes like it did to me as a shock! Being carted away was one of the most distressing experiences I’ve ever had.

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cheers to this!
Mental patients are treated as if our constitutional rights evaporated with our sanity.
For example, There’s no way for me to petition the EMT ambulance industry to stop putting me in freaking restraints every time! I even complained to the department of civil rights but they told me they were not going to investigate my claims.



I agree completely @HQuinn . I am disturbed and angered over how we get treated. It is as if we have no rights sometimes. As a resident of California, I must say that I have never been to an institution where my rights were not violated. I read somewhere that the Mental hospitals in CA are poorly run.


firemonkey you personally right now would you rather life on the street and have the ability to make choices for your own life or live your life in an institution or out of an institution but where your life decisions and even where you go are decided by other people and you had no choice ?

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there are still a lot of things that need changed about the mental health system getting due process in court is a major thing that needs changed and i agree you do lose a lot of rights when you are deemed mentally ill

but really its just like any system that human beings manage its a human battle between people who care about people and those who care more about things other than people and its a constant struggle yep . weve come a long way baby but still have a long way yet to go and then when we do get there have to work to keep it …

I’m not even gonna read this.,…