Have you ever made meals for your father

When I lived with my father I always made meals for him, during many years I made over 7000 meals for him in the 2000s.

I made meals for my father once in a while when he was alive.

My father kicked me into the street when i turned eighteen, i’ve hardly spoken with him since.

Only once - a macaroni cheese- over 30 years ago before he went to work and then retire in the States.

I am only just learning how to cook so maybe in future I will make a meal for my family.

Because the house where we lived at the time was white, I had a joke ‘Somebody had to keep the White House up and running’, it is the same way in Washington D.C., meals just do not appear from nothing.

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Back in 2000 before I went to live in my auto I posted some recipes on the Internet. I have included these here:

Recipe 1

  1. Spaghetti
  2. Tomatoes and Tomato Paste
  3. Green Peas
  4. Mayonnaise
  5. Chunky Blue Cheese
  6. Some Spices: Garlic Powder, Italian Seasoning, Poppy Seeds and Paprika
  7. Self-Made Bread: Garam Masala Bread (those from India know this better)
  8. Chinese Pouchong Tea
    and afterwards some strong coffee and Garam Masala bread with dark
    amber pure maple syrup. Delicious.

Recipe 2

  1. Lasagne
  2. Tomatoes and Tomato Paste
  3. Green Peas
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Onions
  6. Spices: Italian Seasoning, Poppy Seeds, Red Pepper, Paprika, Pepper
  7. Tea
  8. Bread
    and afterwards my strong coffee and fried mushrooms with the excellent Chinese Duck Sauce.

Recipe 3

  1. Risotto Rice
  2. Onions
  3. Green Peas
  4. Some Tomato
  5. Mayonnaise
  6. Chunky Blue Cheese
  7. Spices: Red Pepper, Curry Powder, Garlic Powder, Pepper and Salt
  8. Some Tea
  9. My self-made bread: Tandoori Masala Bread
    and afterwards I had some excellently strong coffee.

Just some here. Back in 1998 I started making some excellent meals and I often had a bottle of sparkling wine with these meals. My former U.S. woman probably thought I made meals for her, but I made these for myself.

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My father was abusive and my parents divorced when I was young :confused:
I do like cooking, though. I’ve made up a few recipes I love.

Thank you for posting recipes. I really am trying to learn how to cook. :spaghetti:

Yup, a pizza and some other meal I don’t remember, but they were good.

What’s with the mayonnaise?
What do you put it on? (Don’t tell me you eat it out of the jar)!
I like it, just can’t figure out why it’s on the list.

I’m surprised by the responses to this question. Reminds me that while we are all basically the same (human), it’s all in how your raised that makes us different.

My response to the question was, naturally I’ve cooked for my father, why wouldn’t I? (!?!)

I suppose I mixed all these together at that time, it was the time when I lived alone in one house in Duluth, Atlanta, Georgia and I was prepared to leave the house and to live my life in my auto. I like mayonnaise and it gave some good taste in my meals.

There are many people who do never cook for their fathers, my brother does not even want to see my father, although my father may die any day at the elderly care facility. He does not want to take his children to him. I do not like my brother, because he has done bad things to me too.

I can’t resist licking the spoon after using the mayonnaise (and before cleaning it) but no one ever shared this bit of happy.

I realize everyone in life is different in their perspectives on parents, but somehow, it’s beneficial to find some good in them, (unless abusive of course)
Because you are after all, one half of them, whether you like it or not.
And if you are lucky(or unlucky) enough to learn their upbringing, it may explain that they were doing the best they were able given the circumstances.
You can blame their parents, grand parents, great grandparents, for getting them where they are, but them everyone becomes a victim, and an enabler/abuser because of what they experienced.
Parents are people too, no matter how much we desire them to be perfect, there just isn’t such truth in perfection.

When my father + I were the only ones at home it was usually cheese + crackers + he ate a can of Vienna sausages. Maybe a fruit salad with apples, bananas and mayo.

During the Christmas times my father’s meals were very good with all typical Christmas food. Sometimes one friend of my father visited us and said how well my father ate ( f.ex. Nov 2002), when I had prepared these meals. Now this friend is dead, died in May 2008, a month after visiting us the last time, but my father still lives. My life with my father went to the point in which I also gave him his meds and healthy vitamin drinks in the mornings. Years ago we also made some self-made aronia berry wine and I gave my father some of this every day to keep him happy.

I used to cook chicken for my Dad… my Mom got tired of cooking chicken all the time and he went
through a phase where chicken breasts were all he would eat for dinner…

i would season it with italian dressing (like kraft salad dressing) and put it in a pan with pam…

hugs to all

This thread got me pondering. I ponder a lot. I was a little sad that I have in fact never cooked a meal for anyone including myself for most of my life. I’ve only recently been learning. My kid sis says since I’m having some luck with eggs and pancakes and corn muffins, she and I should go over to the parents home tomorrow and cook the Christmas breakfast for them.

I like this idea a lot. So, after tomorrow if all goes well, I can honestly say, “yes, I have cooked a meal for my family.”

i cook and bake but only for myself. I’ve never made a meal for my father because i’m not close to him at all and never have been. He lives in another state. I have made food for my mom but not often.