Cooking up a storm


today is cooking day! i figured, if i can prep and cook a roast for 13 people then i can prep and cook meals for me to freeze. so today, my mum and i are doing big batches of chilli con carne, turkey and gammon pies, sausage casserole, a large tray of dauphinoise potatoes, and a giant pot of homemade buttery mash. then all i have to do is freeze them and i have some meals to last for a while. on thursday i have a carer coming in so we will make some more stuff. a lasagna, cauliflower cheese, bolognaise and maybe a curry and some ratatouille. i need more veggies so i will pack the chilli with mediterranean veg and the curry. can’t wait to taste it all…yummo!


My lover is out of work and looking for some things to do, so I told her I like Swedish meatballs. She found a recipe and is all set to go!

She is making a recipe for eight people, so maybe we could freeze some of it?



Yumm @Jaynebeal, your freezer sounds heavenly!


I never fix a meal for myself that costs over two dollars to make, and I like the food that I eat.


i guess that makes me the unfortunate one as i like proper food. it’s finding the motivation to cook it all that’s the problem…so i tend to cook in batches that will last me a week or two. proper food is expensive but then so is takeout. it’s the ■■■■ food that’s cheap. sometimes i eat it but i prefer proper meals. that’s just the way i was raised. maybe not with the best cuts of meat or the most exotic veg but proper cooking as my mum loves to cook. if i don’t make my own pastry i feel it’s a cop out but then my mum makes most things from scratch, pastry, dumplings, breadcrumbs, crumble mix, soups. you name it she can make it and it tastes divine. i wish i was half as good as she is. we can but try eh.