Have You Ever Had A Rude Cashier?

Bought a bag of Quaker rice cakes. The cashier gave me a disgusted look and said “How do you plan on paying for this”? “Do you have enough change on you”?, Listen “put all your quarters down and I will count them out for you”.

Gee lady, it’s only a bag of rice quakes. :anguished:

Leaving during check out- Cashier says to a woman behind me in line “that girl does not have much money”. :anguished:

Have you ever had rude cashiers losing their temper with you? :moneybag:


just think how boring her job is trust me shes only doing that cause shes truley miserable and bored out of her brain feel sorry for her.

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generally I feel okay about cashiers but I do find bus drivers to be very rude, to the extent that I actually find them totally unapproachable and rather intimidating.

This did happen to my brother once. There was this lady who worked the till in the small shop down the street. She was so very rude to my brother that last year he went to the bank and traded some $20.00 for a $100.00 bill.

Then he went to go in and buy a pack of lifesavers or something under a few dollars and wave this HUGE bill around saying, “What you don’t have change? This is legal tender.” So then he said, “FIne! I’ll be back with exact change!” His exact change would always be in pennies. He did this a few times so eventually she would go hide in the back when he walked in the store.

She doesn’t work there any more.


I’ve been a cashier at PetsMart and I had a lady that would frequently be rude to the cashier’s. I don’t remember ever having a rude one. If so, I must have forgotten it quickly. I guess in the south people are generally more polite.

In my family we all worked minimum wage jobs through college so that we’d understand what it was like and treat people better.

I remember this one cashier, she was god awful mean. I used to go to the store where she worked, and buy a pack of cigs from their everyday. She used to make fun of me and laugh at me - and talk ■■■■ about me to another mean cashier. This was a long time ago, I was down and out and floridly psychotic at the time. I was so messed up, I could not defend myself or truly speak up for myself. There are going to be mean spirited people in this world. It’'s best to ignore them and know it is all about them, and has nothing to do with you - you are a good person


Some people should not be in sales or customer service.THEY are the problem not you. If they are bad people, it’s on them. You see them for 5 minutes once a week. They are paid to serve you. What’s 5 minutes out of the million minutes that you don’t see them?

That is HORRIBLE. you should definitely have reported her to her manager. Change is still money. And it’s just as good as if you paid with a hundred dollar bill.


That is GREAT.
I love how your brother handled that.

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Yeah, I let mean petty people make me lose my cool. Too often.

At voluntary work, I worked on a till for two and a half years and I got so much rubbish from customers but still managed to stay polite, I’d smile etc it’s not so hard as I had some customers I really got on with I met one on the bus the other day and she was lovely.

I had to put up with so much rudeness and still keep a smile on my face, some who were particularly rude would make me lose it on the inside but I like shocking people by returning the rudeness with a smile it really does shock!

But then again I know many cashiers who are just so rude it’s ridiculous, I’ve been laughed at etc, it’s not hard to be nice, what gives them the right to judge when they dont know you? I was bored out of my brains the last year because I was relatively well but that’s no excuse for being so rude, I’d always be polite, apart from a few times which I do admit to (being twitchy, hearing voices, paranoia etc) normally I’m very good at hiding it but sometimes as I’m sure many of you know it escapes, most of the time I wouldn’t go in when I was like that but sometimes it just sneaked up on me…

But I don’t think being in such a job gives you the right to judge those you serve, no right whatsoever do they think they’re better than everyone else or something? I felt less than those I served when on till but it wouldn’t surprise me that some cashiers think that they’re more because they have a job or for whatever their reasoning is!

I wouldn’t take it to heart though, she doesn’t deserve that sort of reaction and you shouldn’t have to feel that way, if she does it again though I’d make a complaint to her upperbove, that would make her think twice treating a customer I such a manner!

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Bought two bags of small peanuts.

Cashier- That is $2.02

Me- Gives her $2.10

Cashier- No, I said $2.02

Me- I gave you ten cents

Cashier- I said $2.02. Do you understand.

Me- Gave her a dirty look, took my peanuts and ran out the door. :runner:

Did I do something wrong? :angry:

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No, the cashier did something wrong. She owed you eight cents.

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I had a very rude Wal-Mart cashier once. I paid for my food with food stamps, and then when I went to pay for the rest–about $60 worth of other stuff, I gave her twenties. She held each and every twenty dollar bill high up to the light to see whether or not the twenty dollar bills were legitimate. I know she wouldn’t have done this had I not paid for my food with food stamps. It was very humiliating.

Less stigma at soup kitchens then there is at grocery stores.