Sometimes you have to put up with crappy comments

When you work in a shop.

Some time ago a customer came just as we were closed and asked to come into the store. I told her we were closed and we all had busses to catch. She said: “You know what, you are a real square head”.

Today I opened the door for some kids(they were probably around 18) as we were closing and said goodbye. One of the kids said goodbye and then I heard “loser” after he was out the door.

It doesen’t get to me though. I know I’m not at any fault. There’s just a lot of people out there with attitude problems. Both young these who commented to me. I guess they will settle down as they get older when life has dealt them some cards.


Retail work affects my sense of moral way too much. Am glad you are strong enough to cope with such behaviour


Thanks. I wasn’t always strong about it though. I had to learn and adapt. In the past I used to take those things home with me and stew for the rest of the day.

Strangely it usually happens at the end of the day when we close. Some nut will come in the door when there’s one minute left before we close and get pissed off when I tell them there’s basically no time left to shop. Well…I guess all jobs have their ups and downs.


People can be such jerks. Those kinds of comments hurt my feelings. I don’t shoe it but it does hurt. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re a loser. You’re overcoming odds, and you have steady employment. I think you’re a success


Thanks. Yeah, under the circumstances I’m doing allright. Maybe this kid felt threathened by me or something. There was a girl there with him that smiled at me as they walked out. I think using such a comment under those circumstances says more about him than me.


Very true! 15151515


When I worked at the liquor store some ■■■■■■■ walked in and said this is a robbery

I said get the ■■■■ out.

Some people need to be sterilized so they do not infect the rest of the world.


Such a uncool joke.

When nobody but yourself finds it funny it’s usually a good idea to keep it to yourself. I have to admit though that it took me some years of aging to understand that. But I would never pull a robbery joke on a stranger. That’s just lame.


Saw a whole bunch of lames when I worked there. It was pretty pathetic to be honest.

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That’s why I can’t do retail lol. I can put up with lifting bricks all day but… To have people yell at me talk garbage and be rude to me all day…I’d definately quit the first day… or be fired…:smile:


When I worked in retail the most I hated were thieves. I was afraid of getting stabbed once after following a thief outside.

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Yeah. When I first started working where I work now there was no security services and we had a drug addict scene pretty near the shop. They used to come in packs of 3-6 people and steal from us. It was extremely stressful. We were told not to put our ass on the line stopping them, but it was a pain dealing with their stealing and lying every day.

A few years later we got security services, plus now the drug addict scene has been shut down by police. They are in another part of the city now, but occasionally they still come.


Yea I can’t handle it quite frankly. It will wear me down emotionally

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Yea after I told my director, the boss of my boss, he told me to do nothing once they’re outside and if they’re inside to tell him or tell my boss.

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I admire people who have that kind of patience

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I used to work in retail for 7 to 8 years. It was tough…


Lol true I worked in sales for a few months. I’m just not good with people. If it were up to me I’d work alone.


i worked at a veterinarian hospital

it wasn’t retail but we had to deal very closely with the clients

they were always complaining about having to wait and cost of services

then when the clients were getting in the way of treatment we would take their pets out back and do the procedure the way it was controlled and done properly

the clients used very negative language toward us saying we were useless and gonna take their business else where

i would politely say thank you for your business and have a great day as they mumbled under their breath on the way out the door

i never can work with the public again


Yeah, that is what can make it so hard at times. Even in the face of the utmost rudeness or infinite stupidity you have to wear the polite and serviceminded hat.

But I guess a trick is to try and rewire the brain a little. Humans have a tendency to always remember the bad stuff over the good. Like if your whole day has been fine and then there is one incident at the end of the day, that’s what you are most likely to remember, instead of focusing on the 99% of your day that went smooth.

It’s not easy. I’m getting better at it, but it’s a constant practice I guess.


I put up with very little.

At the call center in the face of rudeness my favorite line was I do not have to help you I can handle screaming but when the name calling started I gave three quick warnings and disconnected the call.

If someone was a dick to me I found an excuse to shut their phones off.

Three rules to live by:

  1. Do not mess with people who handle your food.
  2. Be polite to people in the service industry.
  3. Do not piss off Skunks.