I feel like a penny

A little earlier I went for a walk up to the corner to get some air. I had counted out 3 dollars in change before I went to buy something that is exactly 3 dollars. I went into the gas station and told the clerk what I wanted. He got it for me and said “3 dollars”. I put the change down on the counter and he counted it. He said pennies are not valid and told me I needed ten more cents. I said “I dont have it”, and he said “I can’t give it to you”. This made me feel like a penny.

A penny here, as he said, is completely worthless. I don’t do cash transactions regularly, I normally use cards, but still know that transactions are rounded to the nearest 5 cents. I imagine most stores have weighted the odds in their favor on most single item purchases and round up most of the time. So given that they are rounding up all the time, taking in all these extra cents, the clerk couldn’t give me a break on ten cents, even when he saw I had the pennies.

I wonder if he is the ultimate objective decision maker. If so he always follows the rule to not let a customer pay a cent less than what is owed. In that case my fragile ego is secure. Otherwise, if he was exercising subjective judgement, I have to speculate as to what possible presentations of self I could have presented to receive my purchase for ten cents less. Maybe if I was beautiful or extremely handsome, was more social and friendly in my interaction, or was dressed in fine clothes. Did he take pleasure in denying me what I wanted? He serves hundreds of people a day, giving each what they ask for. Was denying me a small exercise of power and agency on his part. Did he also equate the worthlessness of the penny and my social standing to him?


I had mc Donald’s deny me food because I had penny rolls

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You could call the police and force them to take your penny rolls, lol.


A sz who calls the police in a situation like that better be super well behaved but it might not matter if you give your name to the operator and they check you out on the computer on the way

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I thought there was no pennies in Canada anymore afaik since a few years ago. You can only exchange them at the bank.

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I had some pennies in my change jar and forgot they had no value. My memory isnt that great.

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I just saw earlier a youtube video about Somalia and how they use phones to pay instead of cash. The phone doesn’t even need internet. It feels like Somalia is more advanced than Canada lol

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I didn;t know that but I knew somalia was really big into cell phones.

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A lot of places make the cashiers pay out of pocket if the register is short, when counting them at the end of the shift.
Some places go as far as launching investigations or even firing them if it happens regularly.

That being said, I understand the frustration.

One time, I was going through a rough patch and had eaten nothing but pasta for the past few days.
I had found a soda bottle I could return, and it would give me enough change for a can of tomatoes. If nothing else, it would add some flavor to my one meal for thay day.
It was close to the last shop’s closing time, maybe 15 minutes. Turns out they close the returns machine 15 minutes before closing the tills.

I asked the cashier to take the bottle and just put it in the machine the next day. I tried to explain my situation. She refused.
I tried promising to come back the next day, promising to give her something of mine as insurance. No luck.

I did not lose my temper, and I did not call her names, though I really wanted to tell her how needlessly heartless she was being. I did start to cry, though. I couldn’t stop.

I walked around the corner, and then just sat in a busy street and cried for twenty minutes.

Nobody stopped. Nobody asked what was wrong.
Nobody looked in my direction.
I did not do it for attention, but I have never felt so worthless and unwanted in my entire life.


Most stores I go to, would just give it to you. They don’t care about 10cents. People leave them their extra pennies all the time.

That’s awful; you’ve had to be so desperate. They have food banks everywhere nowadays, so people don’t need to go hungry. I was a cashier and a bank teller before. I always balanced perfectly except when a supervisor would say; they have to count my drawer and then I would be $50 short. I always thought they just wanted to steal and make it look like my fault.

The only food bank like place they had near me was a place you could come by once or twice a day for a couple of sandwiches. They did sometimes make me a lunch to take home for later, consisting of more sandwiches.


yeah, if you’re in U.S. which I assume,
they’re trying to take away our currency.

me and Phil still keep a big change jar.
some banks will process it for dollar bills.

I don’t have cash anymore, i pay everything with the bankcard. I could use my phone as well as some people do here, maybe later on in my life i use my cellphone to pay at the counter.

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